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Grill Island Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Cod

There’s a lot on offer in Cape Cod: The Quahog Day celebration that kicks off the summer season. The Truro dunes. Kayaking and whale watching and summer theater. And then there are the clambakes: lobster, mussels, crabs, quahogs, corn on the cob. There’s nothing better for a summer meal, and the meal is never better than when cooked on a grill on your patio.
Add an island to your grill and you have a bona fide outdoor kitchen with room enough to prepare full meals. When the island is made from materials that are decorative as well as practical, you know you have added to the aesthetics of your patio as well as its utility.

Brussels Dimensional System

Brussels Dimensional System could easily be mistaken for natural stone that has weathered the years well. Its antique elegance and seven color options (from the sunny gold of Sandstone and the subtle gray of Limestone to a varied Terra Cotta rich in reds and blues) give your island the refinement of bygone days while having all the advantages of modern materials; phenomenal color retention and extreme durability. The units are adaptable to your choice of design, and multi-sized tapered components are available should you wish to incorporate curves into your island.

Estate Wall

Maintenance-free Estate Wall, with its textured finish, also has the appearance of aged natural stone. The durable blocks can be stacked in any design that you can imagine—and reimagine. Since no mortar is used, you can keep stacking and arranging until the design is exactly what you want. No matter what the design or pattern, the island will look like a stone wall that has been there forever. The colors, Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra and Walnut, allow you to match or complement your existing landscape and hardscape, and ensure a stunning feature that blends seamlessly into the overall design.

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Lineo Dimensional Stone

If you’re after an island with a sleek, modern design, Lineo Dimensional Stone is the way to go. Rectangular blocks of different lengths (from 23 ½” to 11 ¾”) provide a clean and flexible design with strong horizontal lines that lengthen the look of your island. Lineo Dimensional Stone is the perfect complement to black or chrome cooking equipment and its smooth surface creates a tidy, uncluttered look that is nonetheless rich in fine detail. The intensity of the Sierra color option, the warmth of Almond Grove, or the subtlety of Limestone each work to add to the uniqueness of your outdoor kitchen in creating your perfect outdoor look.

Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall is durable and flexible with the appealing look of a natural drystacked flagstone wall. The innovative Reala™ Surface Technology creates textures cast from natural stone, in the case of Rivercrest Wall, flagstone. There are twelve different unit shapes and sizes, so the design possibilities are limited only by your imagination. The Coastal Slate and Buff colors allow you to carry through with your vision while ensuring that the island retains the original natural look of the blocks.

The title image features a grill island constructed from Estate Wall in Almond Grove.

Grill Island Options for Outdoor Kitchens in Cape Cod, Boston, MA

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