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Getting The Most Out Of Your Fire Pit in Providence

Providence residents love the outdoors, at least during the warmer months of the year. And while your backyard may offer a wonderfully landscaped space for you to enjoy with friends and family, you may be missing out by not having an outdoor fire pit for warmth and ambience on summer evenings. Moreover, an outdoor fire pit can contribute to your already well-planned landscape, so you really want to make sure you get the most value from your new addition. To help you get the most out of your new fire pit in your Providence, RI, home, we’ve listed a few ideas to consider.

Outdoor Fire Pit Fuel Types

Before you start planning your first fire pit gathering, you’ll need to think about fueling options that best suit you. Two popular options are gas and wood. Construction for wood fueled fire pits is easy. Simply assemble the fire pit and you’re good to go. A wood fire offers that authentic campsite feel. Wood fires can be more labor intensive, however, and will require space for wood storage. Gas fueled fire pits, on the other hand, offer convenience – you can have roaring flames with just a flick of a switch. They’re also clean, making them perfect for people with allergies. For a gas fueled fire, you’ll need to consider connecting the fire pit to a gas line during its construction, however.

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Seating and Space

Placing your fire pit in an area with ample space is essential. This is crucial for both comfort and safety. An open area is also ideal for the placement of permanent seating that can provide convenience and accessibility when accommodating guests. This seating can be built from Unilock wall units that match your fire pit or other elements of your hardscape. Unilock coping, such as Ledgestone or Brussels Fullnose, is ideal for creating a finished look and comfortable top to a seating wall.

A Separate and Intimate Fire Pit Area

Keep functionality in mind as you think about design ideas. For instance, if you love entertaining and often host large parties, then you may want to designate a separate patio space for the fire pit area. You might, for instance, have a large and open area for entertainment or dining, and then a smaller intimate area for the fire pit. This allows your friends, guests and family to connect and quietly converse around the fire.

A Sunken Fire Pit Area

Consider a sunken fire pit area as this can keep the fire area safe, visually distinct and comfortable. This sort of setup involves a fire pit and seating that is on a lower level than the rest of the patio, either fully or partially dropped to below ground level. This makes fire control easier, as well as providing a more private and intimate space.

Classic Style

Sometimes, a classic outdoor fire pit is the best choice. Consider the convenient Sunset Fire Pit Kit for a simple and easy to assemble option. The Sunset Fire Pit Kit features Brussels Dimensional Stone and is available in a number of different colors for a look that is both elegant and relaxed.

The title image features a Unilock Sunset Fire Pit Kit built from Brussels Dimensional Stone in Limestone. The patio is paved with Brussels Block.

Getting the most out of your Fire Pit in Providence

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