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Four Landscaping Products You Won't Believe Aren't Natural Stones in Columbus OH

There is something remarkable about the beauty of natural stone that has fascinated humans for centuries, prompting the construction of amazing architectural and landscaping elements. While a worthy aesthetic addition to the hardscaping of any outdoor space, natural stone is not without its hassles. Natural stone is subject to limited availability and can incur high transport costs. Stones such as flagstone and bluestone are also susceptible to damage from the elements and acidic spills, making them high maintenance options for outdoor design.
Modern technology has made it possible to capture the beauty of natural stone in concrete products without the hassle of sourcing and the pitfalls regarding durability and strength. Concrete pavers can be used to create authentic looking patios, walkways and driveways that are strong and durable, while also being affordable and low maintenance.
Be prepared to have your eyes deceive you. Let’s check out the top four landscaping products that you won’t believe aren’t real natural stone.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

Ideal for creating stunning patios and walkways, Beacon Hill Flagstone showcases the texture and coloring of natural flagstone. These pavers lend a classic look to landscapes and are suited to traditional and modern design schemes alike. Available in a host of stunning shades, homeowners after the authentic coloring of bluestone will be particularly impressed by River, Platinum and Slate Blue, offering the blue, brown and grey hues typical of bluestone. As a substitute for the earthy warm colors of flagstone, Sycamore, Walnut and Sierra are excellent options. New to this color range for 2017 is the Birch color option, featuring a gentle blend of dark and light browns.


Flawlessly capturing the authentic appearance of natural flagstone, this paver is a suitable rival for Beacon Hill Flagstone. In addition to making stunning walkways and outdoor living spaces, Thornbury can be used to pave driveways, allowing homeowners the luxurious curb appeal of a bluestone driveway without having to source extra thick slabs of natural stone to stand up to the weight of vehicular traffic. Thornbury is available in three different sizes, perfect for interesting laying patterns. Its three color options, Bavarian, Sierra and Sycamore, feature earthier tones with browns and reds in the forefront.


For the ultimate sandstone substitute, Yorkstone is unparalleled. This paver is ideal for creating a sunny poolside setting or a patio with a cheerful disposition. As part of the StoneMark range, the surface texture of Yorkstone features Reala Surface Technology from Unilock for an ultra-realistic finish.

The title image features a pool patio paved with Yorkstone pavers in Iron River.



For walls and other vertical elements, RomanPisa offers the look of quarried natural rock with a split and weathered surface texture and beveled edges. The Granite color option offers the varied cool and neutral tones of granite, ideal for highlighting the greenery of a landscape, while the River and Sierra color options offer a combination of earthy shades. RomanPisa offers the versatility of curved and straight walls and makes for a rugged retaining wall or low wall system perfect for a rustic or traditional landscape.
Four Landscaping Products You Won't Believe Aren't Natural Stones in Columbus OH

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