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5 Tips For Including a Fire Pit In Your NJ Patio Design

If you have a beautiful patio, or of you are planning your project now, it goes without saying that you’ll want to spend a lot of time using the outdoor space. Installing a fire pit is a great way to increase the amount of time you can enjoy your patio. Perfect for those who love to entertain as well as those who just want a warm corner for relaxing, a fire pit is the perfect solution for making your NJ home more livable. Before making any decision, be sure to consider these five design tips.


A primary consideration when planning your patio and fire pit design in Wayne, NJ and the surround areas, is safety. You want to keep your home and any other flammable structures safe in case the fire escapes the pit. To be on the cautious side, plan to put your fire pit at least ten feet away from your home. Be sure it is also at least this far away from any area that contains flammable structures or landscape features. You should also have a source of water very close to the fire pit. While these are generally a good idea, be sure to check with your local building code department for the laws in your location.

Plan for Crowds

The glow of a warm fire is the perfect outdoor spot to gather around. People love the intimacy of hanging out around dancing flames while having a cocktail or roasting marshmallows. Because the fire pit is sure to be a popular gathering spot, you will need plenty of seating options. Consider built-in seating—made of either natural stone or concrete retaining walls—to provide a low maintenance solution. To make the seating more comfortable, include outdoor pillows and a throw blanket or two. The versatility of stone allows a variety of different seating styles, from long benches to curved seat walls.

Blend in or Stand Out

Your fire pit can be a focal point of your patio design or it can be more understated. For a subtle look that blends nicely into the background of your landscape, a recessed design with dome of the the actual pit under ground or even flush the patio could be a great choice. This gives an understated and beautiful look to your Franklin Lakes, NJ hardscape. On the other hand, you could also make your fire pit the focal point of the patio. An oversized fire pit build from a product like Unilock’s Rivenstone would make the feature a true showstopper. The benefit of the Unilock product line is that it features both concrete pavers and walls, as well as responsibly sourced premium natural stone.

Outdoor Style for your NJ Patio

Constructing your fire pit using concrete retaining wall systems allows you to take advantage of the vast product choices on the market. For instance, Unilock offers many different color, styles, texture, and shape options for retaining wall products, as well as pre-packaged fire pit kits that make construction much more efficient. The type of material you choose for your fire pit and patio will change the way it looks in your Medford Lakes, NJ landscape. Natural stone like fieldstone can also be used for your fire pit with which you could pair natural stone like bluestone and flagstone for he patio. Whether you choose an organic, modern, or formal look, the design possibilities mean that matching the fire pit and patio to your home and your tastes is possible.

Fire and Water

Water features are beautiful as a stand alone element to any outdoor living space, but something truly magical happens when water and fire come together. The sound of water trickling gently against the background of a crackling fire is pleasant and relaxing. Many landscape designers and construction professionals are installing fire and water features that work together to bring patios to a level of stunning.
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