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Fire Tables Are Beautiful Additions for Your Fruitland, MD Landscape Design

Summer is all too fleeting and if you want to extend your entertaining season while adding a little panache to your outdoor living space, consider a fire table. Here is why fire tables are beautiful additions to your Fruitland, MD landscape:


More than a fire pit

Typically rectangular or square, fire tables bring sophisticated modern ambience to your patio. When it comes to entertainment, a fire table offers more structure than a fire pit. Fire tables offer a place to gather over fire and food, or even a game of cards. The fire table is unique in that it has a dual functionality as a fire feature and an actual table suitable for appetizers or gourmet dinners.

What sets fire tables apart from circular fire pits are their clean, elegant lines. Unilock wall units, such as U-Care Multi-Face, provide the perfect material for fire tables and will give you the most design flexibility, as you can customize the height (coffee table, dining table or bar height). Fire tables can also be virtually any shape you want: rectangular, square, L-shaped. This allows you to create exactly the ambience you want and complement your home’s architectural style. When the fire element is not in use, you can cover it, and create a fully functional table.


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The right fuel for the job

Most fire tables are fueled by propane or natural gas, as opposed to wood. The benefits of using gas (including propane) often outweigh the ambience of a crackling wood fire.

First, there’s convenience. You can start a gas fire instantly, adjust the size of the flames, and turn it off instantly. Gas fires don’t give off smoke, so you don’t get smoke in your eyes (especially on breezy days when the smoke seems to follow you around). There are no dangerous sparks or embers. There is no mess associated with wood fires, including the hassle of firewood and ash removal. And, there is very little maintenance associated with fire tables.

Second, fire tables give you more flexibility in terms of design and location. The fire table may be placed closer to combustible structures, such as a house, wooden deck, or a pergola – where you want it. And fire tables have ample storage beneath them to hide propane tanks.

Fire tables that run on natural gas will require running a gas line from the house to the fire table, whereas propane-fueled fire tables just need to be hooked up to a propane tank.


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Perfect Materials

Unilock offers a range of materials to construct and complement the perfect fire table for your patio. Consider for example, the sleek modern look of Lineo Dimensional Stone. You can complement this with Artline pavers, Ledgestone coping and even add Town Hall accents for a unique touch.

If you want to level-up your entertaining, a fire table is an instant winner that allows you to simultaneously enjoy the ambience of a fire… while doing double duty as a fully functional table where you can comfortably gather to share a meal without balancing plates on your lap.


The title image features a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table on an Artline patio, with Ledgestone coping and Town Hall accents.


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