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Fire Pits for Rustic Backyards in Troy, Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne

If you’re considering adding a fire pit to your backyard in Troy, Rochester Hills, or Fort Wayne, IN you likely enjoy spending time socializing and basking in the warmth of family and friends as well as a cozy flame. Incorporating a fire pit with a rustic air is most appropriate for a warm and natural landscape. Unilock offers many vertical building units and coping that make this construction simple to design and implement.

Brussels Dimensional System

Choosing the Brussels Dimensional System for your fire pit feature is an excellent way to enhance the rustic feel of your design. These blocks offer a weathered texture and natural hues that speak of the beauty of natural stone. Choose from colors that include Sandstone, Coffee Creek, Desert Sand, Limestone, and Mahogany Ash. The assortment of shades available make it easy to complement other existing structures as well as the architecture and color of your home and outbuildings. Moreover, this system comes in three sizes as well as matching coping and corner pieces, so you can choose to create a monochromatic fire pit or vary the color and style to incorporate accents and points of interest. You can even add comfortable seating by choosing Brussels Fullnose coping from Unilock to give a rounded edge to the uppermost layer of your fire pit.

The title image features the Sunset Firepit Kit from Unilock, built with Brussels Dimensional Stone, with Brussels Block paved surrounds.


Rivercrest Wall

Another sturdy concrete product offered by Unilock that is ideal for the construction of a rustic fire pit is Rivercrest Wall. This vertical building unit offers the look and feel of stacked flagstone. Designers can choose between Coastal Slate or Buff, both of which serve to emphasize the greenery around your landscape. The texture is realistic, owing to each block being cast from natural flagstone, making the blocks’ facade indistinguishable from the real thing. Additionally, the variety of sizes available for composition make the final product appear even more true to life. Whether you choose Ledgestone coping to complete your rustic fire pit or not, the resulting hardscape will make your family and guests feel at home in the outdoors as you enjoy your fire feature.


RomanPisa vertical building units from Unilock offer a rugged appearance and texture, giving this product a woodsy and naturally aged aesthetic, ideal for rustic features. While perfect for your fire pit, you can also use this product for other vertical hardscape elements on your property, such as retaining walls and grill islands to ensure a unified design. Choose from Beechwood, Granite, or Nevada shades to create the perfect fire pit for your property and preferences.

Estate Wall

Estate Wall building units are available in three block sizes as well as corresponding coping and corner units. Color options include the warm, natural tones of Sandstone and Sierra. With a weathered, quarried texture and the naturalistic color options, this unit is reminiscent of aged natural rock that offers a grand aesthetic to your home. As you enjoy your fire pit composed of Estate Wall building units from Unilock, your feature will assuredly seem at home in your warm and rustic landscape.

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Fire Pits for Rustic Backyards in Troy, Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne MI

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