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Fire Pit Kits that are Perfect for your Buffalo Landscape

A fire pit can be an incredible focal point for your Buffalo, NY, landscape design and is sure to offer the perfect place to gather with friends and family, besides adding warmth and light to your patio during the evening. Unilock allows you both the convenience of a pre-built element as well as the freedom of a custom built fire pit using Unilock wall products.
If convenience is something you value, here are a few high-value fire pit kits that are sure to strike your fancy.

Rivercrest Firepit Kit

The Rivercrest Firepit Kit is built with beautiful Unilock Rivercrest Wall units that are designed to capture the natural depth and randomized texture of stacked flagstone. This kit includes a fire pit grill that fits securely into the pit. The Rivercrest Wall units are suitable for both square and round fire pit designs and are available in the colors Coastal Slate and Buff. The Coastal Slate color option provides a subtle, neutral grey aesthetic that is compatible with most color schemes and delivers excellent moderation for more intense colors that may be present in the outdoor space. The Buff color option, on the other hand, lends itself to a warm and cozy setting with its sunny sandstone appeal. Included in the pre assembled kit is a layer of Ledgestone coping to provide the finishing decorative touch to the structure. Ledgestone coping offers the rich texture of hand split rock and is available in Buff and Grey colors to match that of the Rivercrest Wall.

Sunset Firepit Kit

The Sunset Firepit Kit is both simple and attractive, consisting of Brussels Dimensional Stone wall units. Like the Rivercrest Firepit Kit, the Sunset Firepit Kit is available in both a square and round design to suit the form theme of your patio. While simple, the Brussels Dimensional Stone units provide a rustic, worn surface texture and a number of vibrant color options to promote visual interest. These colors include a cool, grey Limestone; the vibrant Desert Sand shade; a deep, warm Mahogany Ash; a sunny Sandstone; and the cool/warm balance of Sierra. The Sunset Firepit Kit is ideal for conveniently adding onto an existing patio and firing up without delay.

The title image features an assembled Sunset Firepit Kit built from Brussels Dimensional Stone in Sandstone.


Custom Lineo Dimensional Stone Fire Pit

A Lineo Dimensional Stone fire pit is ideal for adding to a modern aesthetic with its smooth textures, sleek lines and clean, plank-like design. The surface also features a zero-bevel edge, emphasizing its sharp, regular shape and bold look. While not preassembled, a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire pit allows the freedom of an attractive custom design suited to your individual requirements. Lineo Dimensional Stone is suitable for square fire pit designs and elongated fire table designs, and is available in a number of stunning color options: Granite Blend, Midnight Charcoal, Sandstone and Sierra. The colors are all mutually compatible, meaning they can be mixed and matched to create attractive banding and multi-colored layers.

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Fire Pit Kits that are Perfect for your Buffalo, NY, Landscape

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