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Why a Fire Pit is a Great Idea for your St. Louis Backyard

If you and your family enjoy spending time in your backyard in St. Louis, MO, consider adding a fire pit to make the experience even more enjoyable. A fire pit gives you a place for entertaining and outdoor relaxation even during the cooler days of the year. Fire pits add value to your outdoor space and contribute greatly to the aesthetics of outdoor décor. They also make excellent focal points for individual outdoor spaces. If you are still on the fence about whether or not to add a fire feature, check out the following advantages a fire pit can bring.

Variety of Design Options

Your fire pit can be a focal point of your outdoor area or an additional element to complement the space and provide warmth and elegance. With Unilock, you can order a pre-packaged fire pit, for the convenience of a quick and easy solution for your backyard. This can save you time and effort with an easy installation and an attractive predetermined design.
There is also the option of building your fire pit from scratch, with the range of wall units offered by Unilock that are suitable for a custom design. With a custom design you get to choose the size and shape you like. Building your fire pit from scratch is especially convenient if you are currently in the process of designing your patio.
Brussels Dimensional Stone, for example, offers the elegant look of tumbled stone. Combine it with Brussels Fullnose coping for an attractive rounded edge design. Building your fire pit from Rivercrest Wall, or purchasing a Rivercrest Firepit Kit gives your backyard instant the charm and appeal of stacked flagstone.

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Fuel Options

Your fire pit can work on gas or wood depending on your preference. Gas fire pits are safe and very easy to use. You’ll only need to turn on the switch and control the flame in order to enjoy the warmth and comfort of a fire. A gas fueled fire pit is modern and clean and burns steadily with an even overall heat profile. The only thing you might find limiting is the location of your gas fire pit, as you will need to supply a gas line to the fire pit. Moving your fire pit from one place to another can also be challenging.
Wood fires tend to create a more natural atmosphere in your backyard. They give off the aromatic scent of wood smoke and have great lighting power. And of course there’s the crackling sounds of burning wood that bring back childhood memories of camping. You can locate your wooden fire pit at any location – as long as it’s safe and distanced from flammable elements.


A fire pit makes permanent seating easy to arrange and provides ever-ready comfort and convenience. Permanent seating around a fire pit can be square or circular to accomodate the shape of your fire pit and can be constructed from a material matching your fire pit. To add color, provide the concrete seating area with soft cushions.

The title image features a Unilock Sunset Fire Pit Kit built from Brussels Dimensional Stone in Limestone. The patio is paved with Brussels Block.

Why a Fire Pit is a Great Idea for your St Louis MO Backyard


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