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Fire Pit, Fireplace, or Fire Table: Which Fire Feature is Right For Your Pittsburgh Landscape?

While fire primarily brings warmth, light and ambience to an outdoor space, it is also worth remembering that fire, and the fire feature that houses it, is in essence decorative and works with the elements of your landscaping and hardscaping to enhance the overall effect of your design. As such, an addition of a fire feature into your backyard can be approached as you might approach the addition of a sculpture or a beautiful plant. It draws the eye, becoming a focal point of your landscape and the social center of your backyard. Fire is, and has been throughout humankind’s history, an essential aspect of leisure, social bonding and entertaining. What has changed is the number of different methods for containing and displaying this hypnotizing element. Here are three such possibilities offered by Unilock.

Fire Pit

The first is the simple fire pit. This can be constructed from a number of different products including the relaxed elegance of Brussels Dimensional Stone. Certainly the best suited for entertaining, this fire pit offers your backyard the experience of a group camping trip without the hassle of fending off wildlife and crawling into a tent at the end of the night. This is a gathering place for friends and family, whether it be to roast marshmallows or to chat while sharing a bottle of wine. In addition, the open-topped fire pit leaves your yard with the smoky scent of burning wood and its beautifully muted stonework makes for a pleasant aesthetic.

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Fire Table

It’s worth noting that there is more than one way to burn a log. Another feature you might consider for your backyard is a fire table. Unilock offers the Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table as an appealing and photogenic option. Less suited for gathering around, fire tables are more of a decorative feature. They are ornamentally suited for the background, keeping your guests warm while avoiding the spotlight. Fire tables can be used as an outdoor room divider or as a stunning foreground to a breathtaking view.


And last, but not least, comes a fairly familiar feature: the fireplace. The gorgeously constructed Tuscany fireplace from Unilock, as shown in the featured image, for example, is built with Brussels Dimensional Stone and Copthorne accents, and strikes a balance between the fire table and the fire pit. The fireplace offers neither the woodsy open-air sensibility of a fire pit nor the peripheral subtlety of a fire table. Instead, the fireplace is a true focal point and creates the comfort and aesthetic of an indoor room in the open air.
So, which best suits the landscape of your Pittsburgh home? This question really depends on your needs and the practical aesthetic purpose you have in mind for the feature. Choose the fire table as a beautiful addition to frame an outdoor setting and provide warmth. Consider a fireplace for an extravagant display and bold structure. Or a fire pit for maintaining a subtlety that gives you the option of relegating it to the sidelines as an accessory feature, or make it the center of your backyard gathering. Whether you want to entertain guests, or just have a quiet evening of contemplation, a fire feature is certainly essential for your backyard living space.
Fire Pit, Fireplace, or Fire Table: Which Fire Feature is Right For Your Pittsburgh PA Landscape?

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