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Final Touches for your Westport, CT, Hardscaping

Final Touches for your Westport, CT, Hardscaping


A landscape design isn’t complete until the discerning eye of the contractor has been satisfied. That means including those small signature details that give the design flair. Below are some finishing touches that will round off any Westport, CT, hardscaping project and please both homeowner and landscaper alike.


As an essential finishing touch for walls, steps and other vertical features, coping is something not to be overlooked. Visually, coping can contribute that final touch of color needed to tie the hardscape design to the home or surrounding landscape. Consider, for example, Ledgestone Coping, the universal coping system from Unilock. As part of the Unilock StoneMark line, Ledgestone coping offers an ultra-realistic ledge rock texture and appearance. Ledgestone is available in multiple sizes for various purposes, including a Pillar Cap unit for the hassle-free completion of pillars, as well as Fullnose Coping for a refined, rounded look that is as easy on hands and feet as it is on the eyes.


Inlaid patterns and designs give a patio an inimitable character and provide contractors with the chance to invest a design with their personal signature. An inlay can be as complicated as a multi-armed compass rose, or as simple as a inlaid rug design. To perfect this sort of focal piece, an outstanding paver is needed. Umbriano pavers from Unilock provide a number of advantages for creating stunning inlays. The paver’s large formats and multi-sized units allow a design to be completed by making as few cuts as possible. Their deep and contrasting colors, such as Midnight Sky and Harvest Brown, are sure to remain distinct from the rest of the hardscape, and their supreme fade and stain resistance will ensure that they do not disappear into their surroundings over time.

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Borders and Accents

In similar way, border pavers should be chosen according to their ability to provide unique character and complement the rest of the hardscape while remaining distinct. Some favored border pavers from Unilock include Copthorne and Series pavers. Smaller sized pavers are also especially useful for borders and accents, making Courtstone another popular paver among contractors.

Copthorne pavers work to provide the design with the time-worn character and visual warmth of aged street-bricks. The ochre tones of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay, and Old Oak provide a classic brick appearance, while the steely cool colors of Basalt and Steel Blue are ideal for adding depth and contrast.

For the more modern effect of washed granite, Series pavers are ideal. The three mutually compatible colors of Series pavers are ideal for complementing or contrasting any number of main-field patio color schemes.

Courtstone pavers provide a sense of the past with their authentic appearance of cobblestones, smoothed over by a rich history. Their color options include Pebble Taupe, Belgian Blue, Dawn Mist and the quintessential border color option, Basalt. Courtstone pavers can also be combined to create Basalt/Belgian Blue and Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe color blends. The above mentioned pavers can be used to create expansive outdoor spaces, separated only by subtle borders, or to add custom details to patios, walkways, pool areas and front entrances.

The title image features a circular Copthorne and Umbriano Inlay on an Umbriano Driveway.


Final Touches for your Westport, CT, Hardscaping


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