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Enjoy a Lifetime of Natural Stone Walkway Pavers in Ramsey, NJ


Enjoy a Lifetime of Natural Stone Walkway Pavers in Ramsey, NJ

Unilock Natural Stone walkways are one of the best ways to increase curb appeal and give your home a sophisticated look. Why should you use Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone on your walkways and other outdoor areas? Unilock Natural Stone has features that can’t be matched. You can enjoy a lifetime of natural stone walkway pavers in Ramsey, NJ with Unilock Natural Stone: the most beautiful option for beautifying a utilitarian feature. If you’re looking to build a walkway that is absolutely unique and filled with character, look no further than natural stone from Unilock. Read on to find out why a Unilock Natural Stone walkway is a feature you can enjoy for a lifetime!


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No two quarried stones are ever exactly alike. Like fingerprints, each stone has obvious and/or subtle differences that give it a unique character, and these unique characteristics complement each other to create stunning outdoor spaces.

Unilock offers Sandstone in three color families to match any decor. These pavers come in large-format rectangles and squares, which are perfect for walkways and patios.

Unilock also offers Limestone pavers in three gorgeous and sophisticated shades of grey – also in large-format paver styles.


Ease of Installation

Natural Stone from Unilock is precisely cut and calibrated for ease of installation. They are also available in colors that are compatible with most color schemes and will complement your patio, pool deck, outdoor kitchen, front yard, or entryway.


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Durability and Strength

Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is extremely durable and is specially treated to ensure vivid, long-lasting colors. One reason Unilock Natural Stone is perfect for walkways is its low water absorption, which helps the stones withstand New Jersey’s freeze-thaw cycles and extends the stone’s longevity.

Another important feature of any outdoor building material is strength. Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone offers significant flexural strength – this means that you can use Unilock Natural Stone confidently in applications such as patios, walkways, front entryways, wall coping and steps, and tie all of your outdoor areas together using one material.


Low Maintenance

Because Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone is factory sealed with integral surface protection, it doesn’t require additional sealing – great news for any homeowner looking for a low-maintenance building material! You may choose to seal the pavers should you wish to, but re-application will likely only be necessary every 3-5 years, depending on exposure. Other than optional sealing, all that’s needed to keep your walkway pavers looking gorgeous is periodic cleaning with a coarse-bristle brush, Unilock General Purpose Paver Cleaner, and water from a hose.

The only area of the walkway that will require more attention is the joints between pavers, which can become a home to weeds. Periodic application of a granular weed prevention product or in the joints, or maintenance by a Unilock Authorized Contractor will help prevent weeds from pushing the pavers apart.


Curb Appeal

Adding natural stone walkways to your landscape is a sure way to improve your home’s curb appeal and increase its resale value. The versatility of Unilock Natural Stone provides a range of design opportunities, from a stunning Mediterranean theme with Unilock Sandstone in the Autumn Harvest color option, to sophisticated elegance with Stone Cliff Grey Sandstone, to a formal theme with Limestone in Black River.


The title image features a Unilock Sandstone front walkway and front entrance.


Enjoy a Lifetime of Natural Stone Walkway Pavers in Ramsey, NJ

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