Enhance Forgotten Corners of your Yard with these Landscaping Ideas in South Shore, MA | Unilock

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Enhance Forgotten Corners of your Yard with these Landscaping Ideas in South Shore, MA

Enhance Forgotten Corners of your Yard with these Landscaping Ideas in South Shore, MA


Do you look around your yard and see open areas that could be put to better use with a bit of creativity? With the help of Unilock materials and a Unilock Authorized Contractor, your South Shore, MA property can be transformed to take advantage of all that unused space. In the meanwhile, here are some ideas for enhancing the forgotten corners of your yard:


Outdoor Kitchens Enhance

If you have a pool and not much else, a covered, fully stocked outdoor kitchen could be the addition you’ve always dreamed of. Not only can family and guests sit around on bar stools as the cooking goes on, but an outdoor kitchen can allow you make the most of summer days outdoors without having to run in every for few minutes for condiments and supplies. Using Unilock materials can offer huge benefits for outdoor kitchens, as while clean-up in the kitchen is inevitable, with slip, stain, and fade resistant materials, you can cook freely without having to worry about spills or wear and tear.

For a trendy, minimalist outdoor kitchen design, Artline pavers in Copper Ridge, Winter Marvel, or Steel Mountain are some great choices. Artline pavers offer EasyClean Stain Resistance, making them ideal for ensuring easy clean ups for outdoor kitchens. In addition, Artline pavers will maintain the depth of their surface coloring, owing to the EnduraColor Facemix Technology with which these pavers have been manufactured.

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What about Patios?

Converting a forgotten and unused part of your yard into a tucked-away patios can allow for a quiet outdoor living space that you may never want to leave. This space can be used for entertaining, relaxing, or just spending time in quiet reflection. It should therefore offer comfort and a suitably tranquil ambience. One of the ways you can make sure that this is the case for your hidden patio, is to consult with a Unilock Authorized contractor so you can bring your patio vision to life. These qualified professionals will be able to guide and advise on materials to be used, as well as patio furniture, features, and accents that will complement the project.

Umbriano’s interesting mottled texture gives it a natural granite appearance– a perfect choice for a relaxed yet luxurious aesthetic. Available in six colors, from Midnight Sky, to French Grey and Autumn Sunset, Umbriano pavers are ideal for creating a serene patio space with attractive complementary accents. Alternatively, add to your Umbriano patio with the compatible accent textures of Series pavers.


Outdoor Fireplaces Warm the Soul

While you could dot smaller unused corners of your backyard with planters, pillars, flower pots, smaller water features set in vertical walls, or mini-covered pergolas, you could also add function to these spaces with fire features. Unilock prebuilt outdoor fireplaces are factory-assembled from various Unilock materials, depending on your order. The Moda fireplace, for example, features Lineo Dimensional Stone, along with Series accents, while the Tuscany model is built using the Brussels Dimensional System, and Copthorne accents.

With the appropriate seating surrounding this fireplace, that empty corner of your backyard can become an inviting outdoor sanctuary where you and loved ones can enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire.

The title image features an Umbriano patio with Series accents.



Enhance Forgotten Corners of your Yard with these Landscaping Ideas in South Shore, MA

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