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Effectively Utilizing Natural Stone and Concrete Products in Your Troy, Rochester Hills, Fort Wayne Landscape Design

When imagining your new backyard design, what sort of images fill your mind? Do you imagine a beautiful water feature cascading across a patio area as you gaze out at green grass and the lush foliage of trees? While the design of a landscape is crucial in creating an optimal backyard, the stone and concrete that is used in the design is what truly gives your space that unique flair.

Functional Spaces

The primary goal of developing a landscape is to maximize your enjoyment and satisfaction with the space. In a typical property, a landscape is broken down into three primary pieces: a public area that is visible from a street view, a service area that is used for maintenance on and around the house, and a private area that is used for personal enjoyment and entertainment. In each of these areas, it is crucial to determine what type of stone or concrete product best fits the feel of the landscape.

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Weather-Resistant Hardscaping

Part of the unique challenge of designing a landscape in the Troy, Rochester Hills and Fort Wayne areas is planning for the variety of weather conditions present throughout the year. Homeowners should be prepared for warm summer days with temperatures all the way up to the 80s, as well as freezing winter weather. Because of the wide range of ambient conditions, a well-designed landscape and the materials selected for its construction should be resistant to even the harshest weather. By choosing Unilock concrete and natural stone products, homeowners can rest assured that their hardscaped features will be guarded against cracking and deterioration due to weather.

Eye-Catching Fire Features

For homeowners who enjoy spending time in their private backyard landscapes entertaining guests, stone and concrete can be used to assemble unique fire features including fire pits, fireplaces, or even fire tables. These fire features function as a gathering place for entertainment as well as serving the practical purpose of providing heat on cool evenings. One of the most popular pieces offered by Unilock is the Sunset Firepit Kit. The Sunset Firepit Kit offers an easy to assemble, elegant structure that provides excellent heating and lighting in addition to being the perfect accent piece for a well-designed landscape.

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Bringing the Indoors Outside

The fundamental goal when designing a landscape should be to have the landscape be as inviting and functional as the inside of the home. The products offered by Unilock create a backyard atmosphere that make your outdoors feel like a natural extension of the home. Most contractors that work with stone and concrete in landscapes will agree that the patio area and other functional outdoor spaces of a home should be designed to feel like additional rooms of the house.
Designing a backyard landscape is one of the most exciting and adventurous parts of being a homeowner. As you think about building your dream patio or landscape, make sure to think beyond the necessities of trees, plants, and a yard. Unilock products help incorporate stone and concrete into the landscape to ensure a well-designed area for relaxation and entertainment.

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Effectively Utilizing Natural Stone and Concrete Products in Your Troy, Rochester Hills, Fort Wayen MI Landscape Design

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