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The Easy Cleaning, Care and Maintenance of Unilock Pavers in Nassau County, NY

Today’s Unilock patented technology allows the manufacturer to produce pavers of a higher level of quality and sophistication than ever before. With their stunning design and remarkable durability, Unilock concrete pavers offer the best of both worlds to Nassau County, NY, homeowners and contractors alike. With Unilock pavers, you no longer have to worry about cracks or spills, or invest time and money into grueling maintenance. Instead, care and maintenance for your Unilock pavers is as simple as this:

Winter Maintenance and De-Icing

The durability of many competing paving stones on the market can be affected by freeze-thaw cycles, so many homeowners worry about the performance of their pavers during the winter. Installing Unilock pavers means you don’t have to worry about your pavers surviving the winter. Unilock pavers are manufactured in such a way as to provide the highest strength and lowest water absorption levels possible.
Winter maintenance of your pavers simply involves using two recommended types of de-icing products that are inexpensive and readily available:

  • Sodium Chloride (NaCl) – used for temperatures down to +20°F (-7°C), commonly known as rock salt.
  • Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) – can be used for temperature ranges from below +20°F (-7°C) to -2°F (-19°C).

Unilock products are de-icing salt resistant, but there are some recommendations when using deicing products:

  • Deicing products should be applied in a minimum amount to help melt the ice and snow.
  • After the snow and ice melt, the excess deicing chemical should be swept and removed.
  • When the winter is over, the pavers can be thoroughly washed to remove excess deicing agents.
  • Other products that aren’t Sodium or Calcium Chloride but are labeled as safe for concrete shouldn’t be used. Research conducted by Unilock has found that some of the products listed as safe for concrete were incorrect or false and caused damage to concrete pavers.
  • Magnesium-based products should be avoided as these are very aggressive and cause damage to hardscape surfaces.

For snow clearing, use a plastic shovel and plastic blade protectors for snow plows or blowers. As Unilock pavers are compatible with subsurface heating systems, a standard solution for icing problems is the installation of a snowmelt system beneath the pavers. The system can be installed either before or after laying the pavers in the form of electric heating cables or heated glycol tubing. This system will permanently fix icing issues in problematic areas.

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Sealing Your Concrete Pavers

Although Unilock concrete pavers don’t require regular sealing, many homeowners use sealing to enhance or deepen the color of the paver. This process will further protect the surface from staining. Once you choose to seal the pavers, it is recommended to reapply the sealer every 3-5 years.

Taking Care of Weeds and Moss

Weeds may grow from seeds that germinate between the pavers. By using Polymeric Sand or Easy Pro Jointing in-between the joints, you will be able to prevent weed growth.

Cleaning your Concrete Pavers

When power washing the pavers, avoid using the pressure washer at high power. Instead a gentle wash with the nozzle pointed at a 30-degree angle, 12” away from the surface will suffice. Alternatively, the pavers can be cleaned with a nylon-bristled broom and a mild solution of dish soap and water.

The title image features a walkway paved with Brussels Block from Unilock, with a Copthorne border.

The Easy Cleaning, Care and Maintenance of Unilock Pavers in Nassau County, NY


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