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Driveway Paving Materials for Elegance and Durability in Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills

Your driveway is the first thing people will see when they stop by. It’s a good initial indicator of the value of your property and creates a first impression for the rest of your home as well. First impressions matter, so make sure your driveway looks amazing while offering strength and durability with Unilock concrete pavers.

Captivating Classical Design

Are you looking for a unique style that gives a classical look and feel to your driveway? Courtstone pavers offer an elegant cobblestone appearance that gives a historical feel to your property. When the job is completed, you may feel like you are driving up to an 18th century manor. This timeless look is ideal for creating vintage charm while maintaining strength and durability due to Courtstone’s weather resistance and EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finish. Courtstone is available in the deep Basalt color option, the dark gray of Belgian Blue, a neutral Dawn Mist and the warm Pebble Taupe, as well as combinations of the above blended on site. As well as providing a welcoming, non-slip driveway surface, Courtstone is also ideal for creating attractive border designs and incorporating enchanting driveway aprons into existing driveways.

The title image features a driveway paved with a blend of Belgian Blue and Basalt Courtstone pavers, with a Burnt Clay Town Hall border.


Relaxed Historical Warmth

Brussels Block is another paver that provides elegance and a historical feel. Brussels Block’s antique finish and tumbled edges make it ideal for a relaxed, but stylish driveway rich with the character of natural stone. Available in a range of warm shades, Brussels Block ensures a driveway that greets you with welcoming hospitality at the end of the day. The Coffee Creek color option offers a gentle blend of cool and warm tones, while Desert Sand provides natural vibrance. Mahogany Ash is ideal for creating a feeling of luxury with its deep, earthy browns, and for the look of natural stone there’s the light gray of Limestone and the sunny Sandstone options.

Modern Sophistication

If a more modern aesthetic is something you’re looking to achieve, the streamlined and precision cut look of Artline is right for you. This paver is ideal for those seeking clean lines and elegance for their property. The fine-grained texture is ideal for creating a sleek driveway surface, while the plank-like shapes of the pavers can be used to create visual width or length depending on the direction they’re laid. Artline is available in the subtle Granite and warm Sierra color options, as well as three custom finishes by special order: brushed Il Campo finish, the glistening Series 3000 finish, and the matte Umbriano option. As with all of the above mentioned pavers, Artline is equipped with the extreme durability and weather resistance of concrete. Artline also features EasyClean™ Stain Resistance technology to ensure protection against oil stains and marks created by residential vehicles.

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Talk to a Unilock Authorized Contractor for help deciding which product is best suited to your property. Unilock Authorized Contractor are trained and experienced in the installation of Unilock driveway pavers and will guarantee best results and long life for your elegant new driveway.
Driveway Paving Materials for Elegance and Durability in Detroit, Bloomfield, Farmington Hills MI

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