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Driveway Paving You Can Extend to Walkways and Patios in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan

High strength and durability are crucial for long-lasting driveways. Our line of concrete driveway pavers features cutting edge materials technology that ensures this. Their stunning good looks, versatile elegance and character means that they need not be confined to the driveway. For a driveway that merges with the rest of your Petoskey, Traverse City and Cheboygan, MI, hardscaped features, these pavers are ideal – their use can be extended from driveway to walkways; to poolside surrounds.

Il Campo

Il Campo features a unique brushed surface texture. Suitable for driveways and patios, this versatile paver is available in five different colors, ranging from the subtle grays of Dark Charcoal and Granite Blend to the more vibrant Heritage Brown and Coffee Creek. Empowering the range of hues is the variety of differently sized units which can drastically enhance the array of design possibilities. These attributes give Il Campo a lively, intricate appearance, whether it’s being used for the main body or more complex laying patterns with accents and borders. The paver also features our EnduraColor Facemix Technology which makes the stunning colors highly resistant to fading over the course of the years, ensuring this remarkable paver is a part of your home for years to come. Because of its strength, Il Campo is ideally suited to driveways, but with its marked appearance, it works just as well for walkways and hardscaped areas extending throughout your property.

Series 3000

Series 3000 is a high performing paver that is specifically designed to be durable and adaptable to all manner of installations. The surface uses a combination of quartz and granite to give it depth of color as well as a lustrous sheen. This unique surface technology also makes this paver highly non-slip. Moreover, the multi shape components make it easy to install more complex laying pattern, as well as suitable for use as accents to other features in your yard. Available in contrasting Black Granite and Ice Grey, Series 3000 can enhance your design whether used for driveways, walkways or any other feature of your yard.

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Granite has always been a popular choice for handsome backyard design. With Umbriano, you get the timeless beauty of granite and the unmatched longevity that Unilock products offer. Through the random dispersion of granite and color particles across its surface, Umbriano mirrors the distinctive speckled surface texture of natural granite. Featuring EnduraColor for fade resistance and our proprietary EasyClean stain resistance technology, this paver is ideal for any application throughout your yard. The range of colors makes it ideal for patterns, accents and borders, as does the wide variety of sizes you can order it in. This rare combination of durability, style and variety of sizes and colors makes Umbriano ideal for stunning hardscaped surfaces with a welcoming, elegant feel.


Stepping away from the more conventional styles, Artline offers a sleek, minimalist look ideal for achieving a sophisticated appearance. With two primary color options and three custom finishes, Artline adds a unique visual interest with a strong horizontal emphasis. Add in stain resistance and fade protection, and this modern paver is the ideal choice for a refined, unified driveway and hardscape.

The title image features a driveway paved with Autumn Sunset Umbriano pavers.

Driveway Paving you can extend to Walkways and Patios in Petoskey, Traverse City, Cheboygan MI

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