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Driveway Pavers Troy MI | Bloomfield | Birmingham

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Driveway Pavers from Unilock for Homeowners in Troy, Bloomfield, and Birmingham, MI

Driveway pavers from Unilock are a surprisingly affordable option that offers easy upkeep and unrivaled beauty for your driveway in Troy, Bloomfield, or Birmingham, Michigan. By choosing Unilock products for your pavement material, you can ensure that your driveway will retain its appearance and function for years to come, regardless of temperature extremes and heavy traffic.
So, how do Unilock driveway pavers compare to traditional concrete? A highly popular option for driveways, poured concrete has an initial low cost per square foot that makes it a seemingly natural choice. However, the inevitable cracking that occurs over time makes conventional concrete a far costlier option than it may seem at first glance. Cracks can and do form as a result of shrinkage, settlement, expansion and contraction, and heavy load bearing. As these defects appear randomly, year after year, it can become increasingly difficult to match the original concrete’s color and composition when making the repair. Eventually, the only feasible alternative is to replace the entire structure – a very expensive undertaking.
With Unilock driveway pavers, however, you can effectively eliminate these problems. To illustrate:
• Paving stones are individual units, so the natural joints between them are able to flex with pressure, expansion, and contraction; thus, the pavers resist cracking.
• Unilock manufactures its pavers using proprietary innovations, such as Ultima™ concrete technology, which creates paving stone with up to four times the strength of poured concrete. As such, our driveway pavers are well-suited for heavy traffic areas.
• Unilock protects its driveway pavers with a fully transferable lifetime guarantee. And, in the unlikely event of a defect, our paving stones are uniformly manufactured and can be easily matched and replaced.
As you can see, poured concrete pales in comparison to the durability and ease of maintenance of Unilock driveway pavers. What’s more, Unilock is the winner in terms of beauty. Our premium Unilock Select™ collection features attractive options in a wide variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes that are Designed to Connect™ with your own personal sense of style.
Contact Unilock today for more information about driveway pavers for your home in Troy, Bloomfield, or Birmingham, MI, and to arrange for a free estimate from your local Unilock Authorized Contractor.


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