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Driveway Pavers and Retaining Wall Units that Work Beautifully Together in Hamilton, Ontario

Finding the right combination of different elements for your Hamilton, Ontario, front yard is a truly rewarding process. A design that consolidates different features gives your front yard the natural feel of unity, making it a truly comfortable place. On the other hand, a contrasting design can be used to create emphasis and to accentuate different features. At Unilock, our product line places emphasis on allowing you to easily match or contrast different elements in texture and color, letting your personality to flow into your front yard unimpeded.

Brussels Block paver and Brussels Dimensional Stone wall

An age old classic, the Brussels Block line is a great option whether you want to create contrasting or matching elements in your frontyard design. The Brussels Block paver is unmatched in its design and construction, featuring high quality materials with a realistic, worn texture that gives a rustic appeal. The option of six different colors adds to its versatility, allowing you to easily find products within the line to match with other hardscape elements. Moreover, you have the same combination of color and texture available in the form of the Brussels Dimensional Stone wall units for your retaining wall systems, or other vertical elements. This gives you the added option of being able to contrast colors such as the rich Midnight Charcoal with the lighter Limestone while still retaining the weathered look across the two features. Add in the option of matching coping with Brussels Fullnose and you have a myriad of combinations to play with while still having the authentic weathered stone central theme.

The title image features a low wall built with Brussels Dimensional Stone with Series 3000 accents, topped with Brussels Fullnose coping.


Umbriano paver with Rivercrest Wall

The Rivercrest Wall block is one of the most distinctive designs in our lineup, with its natural stone look and slab like appearance. It works well for low, load bearing retaining walls, giving you a pleasant combination of functionality with style. In contrast to this, Umbriano is a far more modern take on natural granite with its sheer, straight lines. The combination of the modern paver with a traditional natural flagstone style wall creates a contrasting combination that works remarkably well. The diverse color options in Umbriano can take your design a step further, giving you the option of matching Rivercrest Wall with Summer Wheat and Autumn Sunset hues, or contrast it completely with Midnight Sky. With the natural beauty of natural stone throughout your design as our realistic surface technology features prominently, this combination is bound to make your yard stand out.

Thornbury driveway with Pisa2 retaining wall

Thornbury is one of the more understated pavers in our portfolio, featuring a light texturing on its surface. This is also reflected in the five different discrete colors and blends. This makes it ideal for walkways and driveways where you want to create a more conforming look. Pisa2, on the other hand, has a far more distinctive texture with a rough, weathered look and wider spectrum of colors. This variation between texture and colors makes the combination of a Pisa2 retaining wall with a Thornbury walkway or driveway an attractive setup. Moreover, Pisa2’s wider variety of colors gives you the option of contrasting or matching the subtle Thornbury to create either more variation or conformity as per your taste.

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Driveway Pavers and Retaining Wall Units that Work Beautifully Together in Hamilton, Ontario


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