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Driveway Pavers for Getting the Look And Feel of Granite in Ottawa

Granite is a highly sought after material for use in driveways and well loved because of its high density and the look and feel it produces. Granite’s weight and hardness can make the cost of processing this stone astronomical, however. Fortunately, in order to achieve the look, feel and durability of granite for driveway in Ottawa, ON, you need not look further than these five pavers from Unilock.


Umbriano’s striking resemblance to granite is owed to a dispersion of fine granite particles randomly distributed across its surface. This gives Umbriano the characteristic mottled look of real granite. The color options available in the Umbriano series all perfectly capture those of orange, black, white, and grey granite with Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat, and Winter Marvel, respectively. Umbriano has a smooth but non-slip surface texture and zero-bevel edge, making it a perfect complement to modern designs. As well as its realistic surface appearance provided by ColorFusion Technology, Umbriano is also equipped with EnduraColor Facemix Technology, ensuring that this surface layer won’t wear away or fade. Meanwhile EasyClean Stain Resistance ensures an easy clean up of spills to prevent and resist tough stains.

Series 3000

Like Umbriano, the Series 3000 paver is made using EnduraColor Facemix Technology incorporating a high performance granite and quartz aggregate. This provides not only color protection, but also a remarkable finish and natural sparkle. Series 3000 is available in Black Granite for high sophistication, Ice Grey for subtlety and Mountain Mist for a gentle, neutral look.

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Tribeca Cobble

This cobblestone paver combines the quaintness of old world cobble with the powerful appearance of granite. Tribeca Cobble creates a unique and ancient look for your driveway which adds charm and value to your home’s surroundings. Tribeca Cobble is available in Crystalline Basalt and Peppered Granite color options for best achieving this effect. This paver provides a realistic, worn cobble relief and weathered edges to achieve an authentic look.


For achieving the look of granite with this modern plank-like paver, Artline offers the Granite Fusion color option, as well as the Custom Finish Options of Granite Blend Il Campo Finish, Black Granite Series 3000 Finish and Midnight Sky Umbriano Finish. Artline creates an attractive minimalist driveway surface with strong emphasis on lines and length. The different lengths and widths of this paver means an unlimited range of design possibilities and opportunity for visual interest despite its clean, smooth appearance. Used as either a border paver or in the main body of a driveway, Artline creates a sharp, bold look with the added visual strength of granite.


This small accent stone is ideal for adding bold accents and a touch of granite to your paved driveway. The coarse washed surface texture and deep Dark Charcoal coloring allow it to stand in strong contrast with surrounding pavers, particularly when used as an accent or border paver to fine grained, light colored surfaces. Pair Unigranite with any of the above mentioned pavers to achieve added character and depth.

The title image features a driveway paved with Umbriano pavers from Unilock.

Driveway Pavers for Getting the Look And Feel of Granite in Ottawa ON

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