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Driveway Pavers Equipped with Cutting Edge Technologies in St. Louis

The paver chosen for your driveway matters beyond mere appearance. Long-life, easy maintenance, and sustained beauty for your St. Louis, MO, driveway are all attributes that should characterize the pavers you choose. For this reason, Unilock has developed specialized advances in manufacturing designed to improve these characteristics and more. In particular, these traits include Ultima Concrete Technology, EnduraColor Facemix Technology, EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes, Reala Surface Technology, and EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology. Unilock pavers offer the durability, affordability, and customization that you’d expect from high quality concrete paving options, with these additional technologies further advancing the versatility, functionality, and lifespan of the products.

Ultima Concrete Technology

When strength is the priority, Ultima Concrete Technology offers an ideal solution. Four times as strong as poured concrete, a driveway made from pavers incorporating this technology will withstand the tests of repetitive driving, weather, and other ravages of time. Many options are available with this feature in all sorts of styles. For example, Copthorne offers the classic brick aesthetic in an assortment of colors and Ultima Concrete Technology as well as EnduraColor Facemix Technology and Reala Surface Technology for fade resistance and an ultra-realistic texture. Courtstone, Richcliff, and Town Hall also come with this incredible strength while exhibiting the styles reminiscent of cobblestone, flagstone, and brick, respectively.

EnduraColor Plus

Fading is a typical problem with outdoor pavers because of the unavoidable impacts from the sun. Unilock offers Facemix technology to prevent fading over time. When this technology is paired with other advancements offered by Unilock, the series is added to the collection of EnduraColor Plus Pavers. Arcana, Copthorne, Courtstone, Eco-Promenade, Richcliff, Senzo, Series 3000, Soreno, Town Hall, Tribecca Cobble, and Umbriano are all proud members of this paver collective.

Reala Surface Technology

Extremely authentic texture requires a casting with molds made using actual stone, brick, and cobblestone pieces. This method allows Unilock to produce pavers that offer realism in the look and feel of the surface. For instance, Town Hall pavers have more substantial sizing than Copthorne but still offer a diverse range of shades as well as the realistic texture produced with Reala Surface Technology. This series also has inherent strength and color brilliancy. Copthorne, Courtstone, and Richcliff also offer this benefit.

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EasyClean Stain Resistance

Your driveway is a significant element of your landscape design and deserves protection. Driveways, in particular, are susceptible to staining from leaky vehicles and dirt carried by rainwater. By choosing a paver that is made with EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology, you’ll receive the benefits of surface protection that makes spills easier to clean, thereby preventing stains from forming. One example of a paver with this technology is Umbriano. The series offers a bold, granite-esque aesthetic. Multiple colors and sizes make design patterns numerous, while the ColorFusion Technology give the colors a realistic dimension. The EnduraColor Facemix Technology, meanwhile promotes a rich texture. Other driveway pavers providing this advantage include Artline, Senzo, and Umbriano.

The title image features a driveway paved with Richcliff from Unilock.

Driveway Pavers Equipped with Cutting Edge Technologies in St. Louis, MO


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