Driveway Pavers Elmhurst IL

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Driveway Pavers Elmhurst IL

Driveway Pavers Elmhurst IL

Find the Ideal Driveway Pavers for Your Residence in Elmhurst, IL, from Unilock

When you decide to create a driveway with Unilock pavers, you’ll get to accentuate the design of your residence in Elmhurst, Illinois, to an extent that simply isn’t possible with other driveway options. You’ll get to choose from paving stones in a vast assortment of styles, textures, and colors to match the siding, doors, and windows that you’ve selected for your home. You can vary the laying patterns of the pavers and incorporate multiple paver styles to act as accents, creating borders that add interest to the design. We even offer luminescent NighTec™ paving stones, which will help light your driveway at night, making it easier for you to park.
Aside from looking beautiful, our driveway pavers will also outperform other types of driveways, such as ones made of asphalt, poured concrete, and stamped concrete. Our pavers boast:

  • Resistance to staining from oils and grease
  • Strength up to four times that of poured concrete
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Tolerance of many harsh chemicals, including de-icing salt
  • Resistance to damage from the severe freeze/thaw cycles that we experience in Elmhurst, IL
  • Easy cleanup of snow from the surface of the driveway pavers

What’s more, if your lot has drainage issues resulting in periodic flooding, then consider incorporating our innovative permeable driveway pavers into your driveway installation. These products look just like regular pavers, except they allow water to drain in spaces between the pavers, helping to prevent water from pooling on your driveway.
To discuss design options for your new driveway and get a free estimate, contact Unilock today. We can connect you with a Unilock Authorized Contractor in Elmhurst, IL, who will have experience installing our driveway pavers.

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