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Driveway Pavers Detroit MI | Dearborn

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Driveway Pavers from Unilock Outperform Concrete Slabs in Detroit and Dearborn, MI

Driveway pavers installed by Unilock will result in a driveway that is rugged, attractive, and relatively maintenance free in Detroit or Dearborn, Michigan. While almost every homeowner has a driveway, many never give it much thought as long as it continues to serve its purpose as a place to park cars. After all, a driveway is a driveway, right? Not necessarily. There are many benefits to choosing Unilock pavers as a driveway surface material.
First, Unilock offers driveway pavers in many styles, colors, and patterns – a far greater selection than is available at the Big Box stores. Whether you prefer the look of distressed cobblestone, clay brick, or fossilized limestone, you’re sure to find the perfect option in our Unilock Select™ collection, the cornerstone of our product lines.
In addition, beyond aesthetics, the benefits of driveway pavers from Unilock are superior to poured concrete and asphalt for a number of reasons relating to performance:
• The flexible joints that separate driveway pavers help prevent cracking, whereas a concrete or asphalt slab will sooner or later form fissures that can slowly sink and become tripping points. While a well-drained slab with steel reinforcement might avoid sinking, cracks will still form due to shrinkage.
• Should the need ever arise, individual driveway pavers are easily moved and replaced. For example, you might need to install a new water line under your driveway. While a concrete or asphalt slab would have to be cut, broken out, and re-poured, leaving an unsightly scar, a paver driveway can be put back together as good as new.
• Unilock driveway pavers incorporate exclusive proprietary technologies to prevent damage from many common sources, such as oil, fallen trees, snow shovels, and the like.
• Building codes can be restrictive when it comes to adding permanent, non-permeable structures and surfaces to your property, such as concrete and asphalt slabs. This is because runoff during heavy rainfall tends to cause problems in outdated or limited sewer and stormwater systems. Driveway pavers create a semi-permeable surface which allows some of this runoff to be absorbed into the ground. Unilock offers paver products that are designed to enhance this quality by incorporating perforations in their surfaces which are then filled with gravel.
If you’d like to learn more about what is currently available in the way of driveway pavers in Detroit or Dearborn, MI, be sure tocontact Unilock. A Unilock Authorized Contractor will be pleased to help you get started and provide a free estimate for your driveway.


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