A Driveway Contractor and Hardscape Specialist's Favorite Pavers in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo | Unilock

A Driveway Contractor and Hardscape Specialist's Favorite Pavers in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo

Unilock Authorized driveway contractors and hardscape specialists have the expertise and experience every Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids and Waterloo, IA, landscape needs. They have been working with Unilock pavers for years and know the importance of paver quality in creating a successful landscape design. Here are their top choices.

Contemporary Umbriano Pavers

Umbriano pavers are a favorite among contractors because of their modern appearance. They not only add to your home’s curb appeal but are safe – given their non-slip surface – and create an atmosphere of elegance. Umbriano pavers are sure to give your patio or pool deck a sophisticated, sleek appearance. If you’re looking to achieve the ultimate modern elegance, large format pavers are always a top choice, while smaller sized pavers are preferred for achieving a more informal, rustic look.
Your driveway is among the first things your visitors see, so make sure it makes a statement. Umbriano pavers’ clean lines and finely textured surface recreates the natural look and feel of granite. They’re also incredibly strong, which makes them ideal for your driveway. These pavers come in plenty of color variations. The color shade Summer Wheat is a popular choice among homeowners as it complements patios surrounded by vibrant green landscapes. Midnight Sky tends to create a more dramatic appearance for bold driveways or walkways.

Cobbled look with Camelot pavers

The cobbled hardscape look is extremely popular among homeowners as it adds a charming old-world touch. The Camelot paver is slightly different from classic cobblestone-style pavers because of its smooth rounded edges, giving a modern twist to your landscape. These pavers are ideal for driveways, walkways, and patios. Camelot pavers are available in many color shades and are compatible with almost any design.

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Natural, Relaxed look with Richcliff pavers

Richcliff pavers are excellent for poolside patios because of their non-slip surface. These pavers are perfect if you are after an elegant, contemporary look with a natural touch. Richcliff pavers are made using Unilock Reala Surface Technology that perfectly recreates the visual texture of natural stone. These pavers are among a hardscape specialists’ first choices because of their flexibility and durability – up to four times stronger than poured concrete! Richcliff pavers pair excellently with accent pavers, particularly Courtstone and Copthorne. Accent pavers are a great idea if you want to create borders to break up different areas in your landscape or to use color to tie in different elements of your landscape.

Versatile Town Hall pavers

One of the best things about Town Hall pavers is that they offer a rich choice of color shades that can be combined with other pavers to get the desired look. Town Hall’s Burgundy Red and the browns of Old Oak and Burnt Clay accentuate the look of your driveway by adding the deep warmth of traditional brick. This is especially so when paired with Almond Grove Camelot pavers or Umbriano in Autumn Sunset. These combinations greatly complement your green areas, creating a balance between your hardscape and softscape. The vibrant tones of brick are always welcome when you’re looking to liven up the look of your landscape or combine the neutral coloring with more dramatic shades.

The title image features a Heritage Blend Town Hall driveway and front entrance with Basalt Copthorne borders.

A Driveway Contractor and Hardscape Specialist’s Favorite Pavers in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Cedar Rapids, Waterloo IA


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