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Don’t Miss Out on a Fire Pit for your Patio this Summer in Rochester, NY

Don’t Miss Out on a Fire Pit for your Patio this Summer in Rochester, NY


The summer season is always full of memorable experiences, most of which occur outdoors. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine within your outdoor area on your property in Rochester, NY even more by incorporating a fire pit into your landscape design. This feature can be the source of year-round enjoyment, social gatherings, and quiet reminiscing. Unilock provides a variety of material options for you to choose from, for a fire feature that will not only provide a source of plenty of summer fun, but become the focal point of your entire landscape.


Customized Choices for Fire Pit Design

While Unilock offers several fire pit kits, the company also recognizes the value of customization. Matching your fire pit creation to your existing landscape features offers aesthetic benefits, and with the many materials on offer, a complementary plan is easy to achieve. For instance, combine Brussels Dimensional Stone with Brussels Fullnose Coping, and you’ll have a high quality fire pit with the appeal of quarried stone blocks and the quality, strength, and dependability of Unilock concrete wall units. You can customize the shade, shape, size, and other parameters of your fire pit creation with these versatile wall units. Key to this decision, however, is the guidance of a professional. Clear every choice through an Unilock Authorized Contractor to make sure that it’s safe and also in keeping with your current landscape and home.

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Popular Fire Pit Kits

Other options for your fire pit design come in the form of kits. Straightforward and remarkable in function and appearance, the Rivercrest Fireplace Kit or the Sunset Firepit Kit provide natural and historical aesthetics, respectively. Both kits are available in square and round style options.


Construction by Experts

Whether you choose to go with a kit or design a customized fire pit plan, allow a Unilock Authorized Contractor to assist with the design and the implementation. You deserve to have the best, so have the experts do it right the first time.


Determine Placement

Deciding where to place your fire pit can be tricky. If the feature isn’t part of a larger remodeling of your landscape, you’ll need to keep the placement in balance with the other elements of your landscape. Consider typical wind patterns that could cause smoke issues, and choose functional and complementary seating. You can also take into account the addition of permanent seating with a wall unit that matches or contrasts your fire pit. Estate Wall, for example, finished off with Ledgestone coping is an excellent option for permanent fire pit seating.


Use It Well

Once you have your completed fire pit in place, use it well and enjoy your summer nights. The smoke will keep the air free of mosquitos, and the flame will bring on campfire nostalgia, inspiring conversations of summers gone by while enhancing the bonds made during summer nights of the present. Keep cushions and throw blankets nearby for comfort, bring in additional seating if needed, and invite friends and family over to make memories with your new fire feature.

The title image features a Rivercrest Firepit Kit on a Sandstone patio.



Don’t Miss Out on a Fire Pit for your Patio this Summer in Rochester, NY

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