Do Summer Right by Using These Pavers for your Pool Deck in Clayton, NY | Unilock

Do Summer Right by Using These Pavers for your Pool Deck in Clayton, NY

Do Summer Right by Using These Pavers for your Pool Deck in Clayton, NY


Bring your new or existing Clayton, NY pool deck to life with stunning pavers that provide aesthetic appeal, sleek design, and durability. When choosing the proper layout and materials to design your dream summertime pool deck, remember to consider things like texture, shape, size, durability, and color longevity. These high-quality options can not only meet all of your design needs, but your maintenance requirements as well.


With a variety of products that can enhance your pool deck atmosphere and overall experience, there are a number of options that may fit your vision and lifestyle. With so many colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and design combinations to choose from, you can customize your design to provide the right fit for your home.



This paver is both richly textured and modern, and can add a level of sophistication to any pool deck. The surface texture is realistically embossed and cast from natural stone to provide a real and natural appearance. Richcliff pavers are also up to four times stronger than poured concrete, ensuring long term durability and strength for your poolside surrounds. Richcliff is available in multiple color choices, three different stone sizes, and three different sand options to provide you with a uniquely customized look for your pool deck design. Consider Richcliff in Smoke Shale for the ultimate bluestone alternative, or a Dawn Mist/Pebble Taupe blend for a uniquely captivating hardscape.



Umbriano pavers provide the natural look and feel of granite. Color pigments and granite particles are randomly dispersed throughout Umbriano’s surface to help create a beautiful mottled look. This material is non-slip, which can provide an added level of safety to your pool deck, which is especially ideal for homes with children and homeowners who enjoy entertaining and often host poolside gatherings. Umbriano is available in five different color choices, six different stone sizes, and three different sand options to create a beautifully designed pool deck to match your vision.

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The design of Senzo pavers can provide a contemporary feel to any new or existing pool deck. This material is not only stain resistant but also non-slip to provide a level of safety when using your pool deck. This also allows for less upkeep and a prolonged longevity. Senzo pavers offer a unique color gradient that gives this paver a modern, sophisticated appearance. Senzo is offered in three different color options, three different stone sizes, and three different sand choices to provide you with personal customization.



Series pavers creates a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing surface that is both sophisticated and hard-wearing. Series pavers are manufactured using a combination of exposed granite and quartz aggregates, providing an authentic appearance and crystalline sparkle. The Black Granite color option, in which it is available, along with the 4 x 8-inch size, makes Series the ultimate accent paver and can be used to create a clean, sleek, and consistent look throughout your pool area. Pair series with any of the above mentioned pavers for a unique and captivating pool patio design.




Do Summer Right by Using These Pavers for your Pool Deck in Clayton, NY


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