Different Laying Pattern Inspirations for Concrete Pavers and the Online Tool We Have to Help Saratoga, NY | Unilock

Different Laying Pattern Inspirations for Concrete Pavers and the Online Tool We Have to Help Saratoga, NY

Different Laying Pattern Inspirations for Concrete Pavers and the Online Tool We Have to Help Saratoga, NY

Unilock Concrete Pavers are a great choice for outdoor living spaces, and how you lay them can have a major impact on the final look. Laying patterns can make flooring look muted or busy depending on how you arrange the pavers. It all depends on what kind of style you want! Here are some great ideas for how you can use laying patterns to impact your Saratoga, NY, design, and how we can help!

Running Bond

This classic pattern consists of rows of pavers, usually rectangular in shape, with each row offset against adjacent rows for an alternating pattern. Depending on which paver you choose, this can create very different looks. For a basic example, this pattern is often chosen when using brick-like pavers for flooring. This pattern can have a lengthening effect when used with pavers like Copthorne, a brick-like paver. Similarly, this pattern can be used with a large format paver like Senzo for a modern and simple look on an upscale home.


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Random Bundles

Many Unilock pavers come in bundles of sizes and shapes and are laid with all these different sizes fitting together perfectly. This gives the flooring a randomized look that’s natural and adds texture to large spaces. Beacon Hill Flagstone is one versatile paver with a flagstone-style surface that looks great in a random pattern. Multiple sizes and color options make it easy for you to customize your look. This paver is great for patios, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, or any open space where you want a natural looking floor. Beacon Hill Flagstone also pairs perfectly with the stacked flagstone texture of Rivercrest Wall.


This classic laying pattern is typically used with smaller, rectangular pavers like Mattoni with its slim format and Roman brick look. This pattern is usually made by laying pavers in a continual ‘V’ shape that repeats for a 3-dimensional feel. Use this pattern for any application, especially in places where you want an eye-catching floor. If you want to incorporate herringbone into your design but don’t want it to dominate the space, try using it to define spaces as an inlaid paver rug. Paver rugs can help to create a distinct seating space, or tie together a furniture arrangement in the way a rug unites the furniture in your living room. Pair Mattoni with Brussels Block for added effect.


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Using Our Tools

Unilock has a great tool to help you plan your design. First, identify your style, and check out our Product Catalog to pick a few pavers that you like. Then, you can use our Laying Patterns Tool, select those pavers, and see which laying patterns are available for that product. Keep in mind that the shape of the paver will impact which patterns can be used, and the size of the paver will impact the final product. Larger pavers tend to have a more modern feel, while smaller pavers can be more classic-looking or have a busier effect. Of course, there are exceptions and each paver has its own unique look. Use our Drag-N-Drop Tool to contrast pavers with borders and accents. If you need help, you can always contact us and we’ll help you get started!


The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone patio with Mattoni circular inlay along with Copthorne and Brussels Block accents and Rivercrest Wall verticals.


Different Laying Pattern Inspirations for Concrete Pavers and the Online Tool We Have to Help Saratoga, NY


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