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Design Tips for Using Unilock Thornbury Driveway Pavers in Norwalk, CT

Design Tips for Using Unilock Thornbury Driveway Pavers in Norwalk, CT

If you want to make a stunning first impression of your home, consider a paver driveway… and jazz it up even more with unique designs that set your home apart. Here are 4 designs for using Unilock Thornbury driveway pavers in Norwalk, CT:


Set the tone

Thornbury pavers feature a mix of large, medium, and small pavers that can be arranged in a variety of ways to give your driveway a unique look.

Many driveways will match the color of the home, or the roof. If you’re finding it difficult to match the color of your pavers to the color of your home, then you have a number of options.

Consider using a complementary color in the main field of the driveway along with border accents that more closely match the home’s colors. Alternatively, go bold, and contrast the home’s colors. Give your driveway its own presence! To pull this off successfully, use pavers in the same tone family (warm, neutral or cool) as the home, and be sure to use similar pavers in your patio and walkways for a unified look.

Earthy tones, such as Thornbury’s Bavarian, Sierra and Almond Grove color options, offer a warm welcome and blend beautifully into the landscape, while cool tones, such as New York Blend, give your home a touch of sophistication and visually lighten the space.


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Stand-out Borders

Make a strong statement with a boldly contrasting border along the edge of your driveway. You can either use the same types of pavers with a contrasting color, or different pavers in a different color. Border pavers can be laid perpendicular to the field to create a wider margin. For even more “wow” factor, opt for a double border: a wider perpendicular border on the outermost edge that provides a strong contrast to the main field, such as Brussels Block in a contrasting color to your Thornbury color selection, then a band of small and/or medium-sized brick-shaped or cobblestone-shaped pavers such as Copthorne, Town Hall or Courstone. For more subtle edging, use pavers in the same color family as the field pavers.


A Diagonal Twist

For visual interest, as well as durability, have the pavers laid on a diagonal to the garage. This helps ensure that pavers stay in place even when exposed to heavy vehicle traffic.

Thornbury pavers are available in varying sizes and can be used to achieve a randomized laying pattern. Laying the pavers on the diagonal will also help to enhance the natural effect that a random laying pattern has. Laying pavers on the diagonal is visually pleasing and can help to create a less rigid appearance.


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Finishing touches

The joint compound you use in between pavers affects the overall look of your paver driveway. To make individual pavers “pop,” use contrasting jointing compound; for a more unified and “solid” look, use a jointing compound that closely matches the pavers. For example, contrast the New York Blend with the Tan Sand option or complement it with the Grey Sand option. The size of the joints will also contributes to vastly different looks.

If you want to have some fun creating your own driveway paver designs using Thornbury pavers, click here. And you can always rely on the expertise of your Unilock Authorized Contractor to help you decide on a design that works with your aesthetics and lets you express your personality!


The title image features a Thornbury driveway with a Town Hall border.


Design Tips for Using Unilock Thornbury Driveway Pavers in Norwalk, CT


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