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Design Considerations for Your Smithtown, NY Pool Deck

Design Considerations for Your Smithtown, NY Pool Deck

If you’re adding a new pool to your backyard or remodeling an existing pool deck, give plenty of attention to the right design for your pool deck. To inspire you, here are some key design considerations for your Smithtown, NY pool deck.


Space to gather and play

You don’t want people tripping over lawn furniture when they’re trying to enjoy the pool, so ensure there’s plenty of space to navigate around the pool. If the pool area has a hot tub, barbecue area, pergola, water feature or other spaces that invite gathering, ensure that there’s ample space for people to gather there. You can reduce the amount of furniture and increase the amount of useable space by incorporating permanent seating built from Unilock wall units such as the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System.


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Consider the flow of traffic to and from the pool, as well as around the pool. People don’t generally move in geometric shapes so if there’s an option to cut the corner and go through a planted area, for example, they will do it! Avoid making people walk in squares by considering how people actually walk. Include ample walkways and curved edges with an attractive modern paver, such as Umbriano.



Position gathering and lounging areas so that they’re private and not visible to your neighbors. You can mask sounds with water features created from wall units such as Unilock Estate Wall. Living walls are a great way to green up the landscape while providing privacy. Use the soil excavated from the pool to create berms which make wonderful buffers, as well as adding vertical interest to the landscape. Privacy walls or retaining walls that complement the aesthetic of your pool deck can also be used to create a secluded area.


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Proximity to the house

A pool that is too close to the house can be an unwelcome source of noise for anyone trying to relax or work indoors while people are splashing and giggling outside. However, if the pool is set far away from the house, ensure that it’s in full view and easily accessible in case of emergency. Remember to include ample walkways to and from your pool with safe and attractive pavers such as Beacon Hill Flagstone.


Outdoor living

If you plan on having pool parties and entertaining large groups, think of the pool deck as an extension of your patio. Consider adding a Unilock Fire Pit where people can warm up after a swim, plenty of lounging space, adequate seating with seating walls that define the space and reduce clutter, good lighting, and easy transitions between spaces.


Mix sun and shade

Orient your pool deck for maximum sunshine; but be sure to offer shade as well, so people, especially kids, don’t run into the house soaking wet just to get out of the sun. Consider a pergola as a permanent shade structure, or shade sails that can be removed seasonally. Unilock Wall Units, such as Rivercrest Wall, which features a Rapid Pillar System, is ideal for creating stunning pergola footings.


The right surfaces

Be sure to choose pavers that are non-slip when wet, yet swimsuit-friendly. Unilock pavers, are ideal for pool deck because of their non-slip, refined surfaces and rich textures. Consider, for example, the rich textures of Thornbury pavers, or the smooth, non-slip surface of Beacon Hill Smooth.


The title image features a contemporary Umbriano pool deck.


Design Considerations for Your Smithtown, NY Pool Deck

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