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Decorating your Rye Brook, NY, Backyard with Natural Stone

Decorating your Rye Brook, NY, Backyard with Natural Stone


Bring the refined luxury of natural stone to your backyard with Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock. Add warmth to your Rye Brook, NY property and make your backyard a great place to spend time outdoors with your family and friends with the Unilock Sandstone range, or give your patio the timeless elegance of Unilock Limestone. Natural stone can be incorporated into your backyard as fine details and accents here and there or used to create entire outdoor rooms. Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock is pre-treated to ensure strength, longevity and steadfast color. Here are some ideas on how to use natural stone in your yard:

Start with the Flooring

Natural stone can give your home a modern, sophisticated look, or bring warmth and coziness to your outdoor spaces. Patio flooring is a part of the landscape with one of the highest levels of traffic, and will have to support the weight of appliances, furniture and other decorative hardscape features. Therefore, it is important to choose a high-quality material for your flooring, one that eliminates cracks, splits, staining or fading. Although natural stone, in general, is an aesthetically pleasing option, not every natural stone is produced in the same way.

According to independent lab testing, Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock beats other brands of natural stone in strength, durability, water-absorption, freeze-thaw resistance, and flexural strength. This means that your patio design will not only last for decades, but will stay in excellent condition.

To achieve a cohesive look, consider Unilock Sandstone for your patio and take advantage of its rich texture and enhanced aesthetics. Sandstone is perfect for adding a sunny touch to your landscape. You can even extend its aesthetic by using it for coping on your steps, verticals, and around your pool.


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Add Accents

Natural stone is a popular material among homeowners because it presents a unique and authentic appearance. Natural stone offers a stunning, polished effect for your backyard. It provides accents that complement greenery and other key features of landscape design. A great way to make your pool area pop, for example, is by using natural stone coping. Unilock Limestone and Sandstone are available in both Natural Edge and Fullnose Coping options for adding rugged elegance or maximizing comfort, respectively. Processed using advanced manufacturing technologies, Unilock Natural Stone offers low-water absorption, and is not susceptible to stains or fading. Unilock Natural Stone coping can be used to accentuate other landscape features as well, such as fountains and ponds, creating a cohesive, distinguished look for your landscape.

Have Fun with Verticals

Vertical structures create layers and add structure to the landscape. Premium Quality Natural Stone from Unilock is selected, quarried and processed according to the highest standards. The final products are a result of meticulous work by trained and skilled workers that possess the most advanced processing equipment. Unilock stone offers a full range of colors and textures that can be used for coping your retaining wall, pillars, and steps. In addition, single piece step units can be used to create bold steps to lead guests through your landscape. Enjoy the exceptional quality and design consistency of these fantastic products with the piece of mind that comes with our Transferable Lifetime Guarantee.


The title image features a Unilock Sandstone patio.


Decorating your Rye Brook, NY, Backyard with Natural Stone


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