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Deciding on Location for Your Fire Pit in Springfield, MA

Deciding on Location for Your Fire Pit in Springfield, MA


Determining the right location for your fire pit in Springfield, MA, will not only improve the design of your backyard, but also ensure safety. One of the things that go into building a fire pit that will beautify the landscape and serve as a stunning focal point is choosing the right location. Here are some things to consider:


Open or Partly-Shielded Area

It’s best not to place an element that produces smoke and flames too close to the home, and it’s especially important not to place them next to flammable objects or in an enclosed area without proper ventilation. Fire pits have a practical function, and there shouldn’t be restrictions to enjoying its warmth all-year-round, especially when the weather is bad. But, it is crucial to choose a space that is safe for your guests and family. Surround the fire pit with, and have it constructed from, non-combustible materials such as Unilock concrete pavers and wall units.

If you already have a location in your backyard that ticks all of the safety boxes, and you’re looking for a fire pit that is easy to install and creates elegance, Unilock Firepit Kits offer a variety of stylish designs. The Rivercrest Firepit Kit, for example, is an instant solution for any modern or traditional design that requires the coziness and character of rich natural textures. Another option is the Sunset Firepit Kit that will add a welcoming touch to your backyard and serve as the ultimate gathering spot, while perfectly matching your existing patio design.

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Visual Balance

Regardless of whether your goal is to have a stand-alone fire pit, or multiple placed in different outdoor rooms, visual balance plays a huge role. The size of the fire pit is an important consideration and should be in harmony with the size of the outdoor space. A small space calls for a more compact feature, while a large space can contain larger and more visually expansive designs. This can be done either by constructing a larger fire pit – although local legislation may put a limit on the size of the feature you’re allowed – or by creating the impression of size with the use of bordering. Consider, for example, creating a double or triple border around your fire pit using Copthorne pavers.


Customize the Feature to the Space

With Unilock concrete wall units, creating a custom fire pit is easy. With a custom feature, you can ensure that your new fire pit suits your tastes and preferences, while remaining harmonious with the space. Select Estate Wall for a fire pit design that will present the antique-textured finish of natural rock. Coping options will help to define or soften the look of your fire pit. Brussels Fullnose, for example, will help to give the fire pit a soft, rounded edge and is available in a wide range of both subtle and bold color options.


Wind Direction

Regardless of the type of fire pit you choose, the direction of the prevailing wind should be considered before making the final decision of where to place your fire feature. If your landscape experiences strong wind, place your fire pit somewhere where wind will not disturb fireside activities, or include a windbreak in your construction plan. Wind is particularly an issue with wood-burning fire pits, as it can cause excessive smoke and discomfort. Gas fire pits don’t produce smoke, but the wind can direct the heat flow in different directions.

The title image features a Rivercrest Wall fire pit and surrounding low wall enclosing an Umbriano patio.


Deciding on Location for Your Fire Pit in Springfield, MA


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