How Do I Decide Between Unilock Stone Pavers And Unilock Concrete Pavers In Franklin Lakes, NJ? | Unilock

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How Do I Decide Between Unilock Stone Pavers And Unilock Concrete Pavers In Franklin Lakes, NJ?

If you are on the fence about choosing between Unilock Premium Quality Natural Stone pavers or Unilock concrete pavers, you should know that regardless of the final decision, it will be an excellent one due to the high quality standards, and cutting edge manufacturing and processing. Unilock pavers are popular among Franklin Lakes, NJ, homeowners because of their durability, flexibility, and versatility. Ideal for building any landscape structure, these pavers can be combined to match both contemporary and modern landscapes.

Why Choose Stone Pavers?

Unilock offers an impressive range of Premium Quality Natural Stone from Europe and Asia. These products are quarried and processed according to the strict standards of the Ethical Trading Initiative and come with a lifetime guarantee. Unilock natural stone pavers feature low water absorption, excellent freeze-thaw durability, and flexural strength.
The beauty of stone pavers lies in their uniqueness – no two natural stone pavers are alike. Natural stone pavers are carved from the earth, which not only makes them incredibly durable but also ensures original pieces. Unilock natural stone has an appealing appearance and offers different color variations that add a personal touch to the outdoor space.

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Stone pavers enhance the beauty of contemporary walkways and patios because their cool shades correspond with the surrounding landscape and give a minimalist touch. Also available in warm earthy tones and smaller sizes, natural stone pavers are ideal for a landscape that embraces the rustic aesthetic.
Available in the Franklin Lakes area, Unilock Limestone impresses with its finely granular surface texture. This stone comes in four colors on the cool side of the spectrum including Black River, Midnight Shadow, Hearthstone, and Winter Mist. Offering a subtle blend of grey, brown, and gold colors is Unilock Limestone – Renaissance Gold.
For homeowners who prefer the appearance and texture of Sandstone, Unilock offers a versatile color palette that includes the warm Autumn Harvest, Indian Coast, and Prairie Rose color options.

The title image features a pool patio paved with Sandstone from Unilock in the Indian Coast shade.


Why Choose Concrete Pavers?

Unilock concrete pavers are an affordable choice for any landscape project. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, textures and finishes that complement the beauty of modern, traditional, and rustic landscape styles. Due to their interlocking nature, concrete pavers are individually and collectively strong. They are also slip-resistant and can withstand years of varying weather conditions. Permeable paving solutions – whose larger joints between the pavers allow efficient drainage – are ideal for building an environmentally-friendly landscape.
Umbriano pavers, for example, resemble the natural look and feel of granite but offer the affordability of concrete. Their non-slip, stain-resistant surface makes them perfect for building driveways, pools decks, and patios. Part of the EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes line, Umbriano pavers have an ultra-realistic surface that adds a charming touch to a natural landscape. Umbriano is available in five different colors, the warm Autumn Sunset, the deep dark Midnight Sky, which is amazing for accenting, the neutral Summer Wheat, cool Winter Marvel, and sophisticated French Grey.
With the many options available from Unilock, you can rest assured that your choice between natural stone and concrete comes down to your own personal preference and creative expression.
How Do I Decide Between Unilock Stone Pavers And Unilock Concrete Pavers In Franklin Lakes, NJ?

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