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Creating Walkways that Match your Patio or Deck in Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana

In Indiana, where the seasons are well-defined, walkways are practical all year round. They create a seamless connection from your home to your outdoor space, provide easy access between outdoor rooms and save you from muddying your shoes on a rainy day. If you already have a patio or deck, building your walkway to match it will create a more pleasing landscape, while if you’re building from scratch, tackling both as part of the same project will guarantee a smooth blend in the end. Before your landscaping contractor starts work, however, you should understand how materials can contribute to your desired aesthetic and functional outcome.

Gravel walkways for rustic patios

Gravel walkways are a good option if you’re looking for a rustic atmosphere and a cottage or farmhouse theme. Keep in mind, however, that they also require more maintenance as weeds can easily grow between the stones. Pavers with a hand-hewn look, such as Unigranite, can be used to set the borders of a gravel walkway while still matching the rustic aesthetic. Gravel walkways work well with rustic patios that make use of a raw-cut natural stone aesthetic.

Brick-style walkways for traditional patios

Another option for creating a traditional feel, bricks or brick-style pavers add a timeworn impression to your outdoor décor, especially when set in a base of sand. A stronger substitute for regular bricks are Unilock concrete pavers like Copthorne or Town Hall that are designed to reproduce the appearance and permeability of bricks while being guaranteed not to crack or fade. Copthorne and Town Hall are both excellent options with Town Hall offering larger proportions. Both are available in a variety colors and blends, making them easy to match with pre-existing patios.

The look of natural stone

Common varieties of natural stone used in landscaping include flagstone, limestone and cobblestone. However, these are not as structurally strong or as durable as their identical concrete alternatives from Unilock. To achieve the look of these natural stones or match an existing natural stone patio surface consider using Richcliff, Brussels Block or Courtstone respectively. These natural stone-style pavers blend well with most outdoor spaces as their surface textures are both random and natural. They also available in a variety of sizes, allowing for a selection of laying patterns. This means that regardless of the material used to build your patio, you’re sure to find a laying pattern that works to integrate your walkway into your landscape.

Mix and match

Incorporating borders can help unify your walkway with other hardscaped areas. This can be done by matching the color of your patio or deck with a paver and using this paver to border your walkway. Accents can also be incorporated in much the same way in order to unify a design. Accents are generally more dispersed, but nonetheless provide a sense of repetition and harmony. That said, when attempting to blend patios and walkways don’t be afraid to go for contrasting materials that highlight, complement and enhance each other.

The title image features Copthorne pavers in Old Oak.

Creating Walkways that Match your Patio or Deck in Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana

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