Creating Sleek and Stylish Seating Walls with Unilock Wall Stones in Rye Brook, NY | Unilock

Creating Sleek and Stylish Seating Walls with Unilock Wall Stones in Rye Brook, NY

Creating Sleek and Stylish Seating Walls with Unilock Wall Stones in Rye Brook, NY


A contemporary outdoor paradise can be achieved with very little space. One way to maximise elbow room in an outdoor living space is by building seating walls rather than buying bulky furniture. Here are a few Unilock products that can be used to build sleek seating walls that serve as excellent accents to modern Rye Brook, NY, hardscapes.


The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System

The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System features a patented design comprised of two interlocking parts. Fascia panels, which are available in a range of colors and textures, hang effortlessly on the ridges of concealed Sure Track backer blocks. The backer blocks are assembled to produce a sturdy and dimensionally accurate structure. Once this skeleton is in place, it can be fitted with fascia panels of virtually any color and finish. The colors available range from the cool Winter Marvel and French Grey options to warmer shades like Bavarian and Tuscany. These fascia panels also offer a textured finish that ranges from smooth, to pitched and heavily textured. More than one panel design can be incorporated into a single wall for a contrasting and eye-catching effect. The Black Granite color variation, for example, can be used to create powerful and visually commanding seating walls that truly stand out in a vibrant, green outdoor living space.


Rivercrest Wall

Rivercrest Wall is renowned for its incredible resemblance to real stacked flagstone. Despite its concrete composition, this product flaunts realistic textures cast from authentic flagstone using an innovative technique called Reala Surface Technology. While many homeowners might not equate the look and feel of natural stone with a sleek modern aesthetic, Rivercrest Wall pairs perfectly with contemporary hardscapes. Because it is important to incorporate visual and textural variation in any outdoor room, Rivercrest Wall can serve as a refreshing deviation from a very smooth, refined texture palette. Its linear design still complements the precise geometry found in many modern designs and it is available in two neutral shades that are not only versatile across all aesthetic themes, but also fit well into the contemporary color palette.


Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone units present a zero-bevel surface that embodies the principles of a sleek, modern aesthetic theme. These plank-like units bear clean edges and flawless color gradients that complement the precise nature of contemporary design. Their linear plank-like format, when staggered, produces a finished wall that is neat, visually balanced and pleasing to the eye. Consider pairing the pitched edges of Ledgestone coping with a wall comprised of Lineo Dimensional Stone to create a striking contrast in texture. Alternatively, a similar textural contrast can be achieved by pairing Lineo Dimensional Stone with a paver such as Richcliff. Ledgestone coping, despite its exquisitely textured edge, offers a smooth top that is comfortable and won’t damage delicate clothing.

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This is import to bear in mind as the coping you choose for a seat wall must be garment-friendly and particularly suited to its function. Seating walls can, of course, be adorned with accent cushions and throws in order to make them more comfortable and inviting. The color and fabric of your chosen accent pillows can also help to bolster your aesthetic theme.

The title image features a Lineo Dimensional Stone seating wall complemented by Richcliff pavers.


Creating Sleek and Stylish Seating Walls with Unilock Wall Stones in Rye Brook, NY


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