Creating Eye-Catching Pillars for your Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo Retaining Walls | Unilock

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Creating Eye-Catching Pillars for your Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo Retaining Walls

Transforming your backyard with Unilock products in Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, or Toledo, OH will maximize your enjoyment of your property, the value of your real estate, and the pride you have of your home. Retaining walls are one way to do this, providing a method of sectioning off your yard in various ways, and offering the additional option of pillars to complement the aesthetic and functionality of the design.

Extra seating

If you entertain frequently, ensuring that your yard provides a haven for guests means that you can confidently take the party outdoors. Hosting outdoor events calls for additional seating, which is easy to offer when you use smooth coping to cap your retaining walls and accompanying pillars. Unilock offers coping with all of the rich texture and earthy coloring of natural stone – perfect for making these features a place to sit and relax outdoors. Consider your outdoor space an extension of your home, and use retaining walls and pillars to section off this space into functional areas, just as you would in your indoor spaces.

Add depth to the landscape

Smaller yards and flat plots call for inventive landscaping. By adding levels to the landscape, you can add depth and dimension to your property to enhance the space. Try the look of stacked natural stone with Rivercrest Wall or the tumbled look of Estate Wall to accomplish a natural flow and effective aesthetic when creating a multi-level space using retaining walls.

Maximize aesthetic effect

Whether you incorporate retaining walls into your property design out of necessity, such as to prevent erosion, or for aesthetic value, be sure to include eye-catching pillars to break up the monotony of longer walls and provide a bold finish for shorter ones. Lighting accessories can be installed on top of these to ensure a safe and attractive evening setting. Unilock offers a variety of wallstone systems, each available in a range of shades so that you can appropriately complement the appearance of your home and overall property. You know quality when you see it, and construction provided by an Authorized Unilock Contractor will give your property exactly that.

Material options

When deciding on building materials for your Kalamazoo, Grand Rapid or Toledo retaining walls and accompanying pillars, pay careful attention to durability of the products on the market. In these areas your property needs materials that are resistant to chemicals like de-icers and are able to withstand severe weather and the yearly freeze/thaw cycle. Unilock wall systems offer all of these benefits, as well as the versatility needed to transform any property.

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Choosing the right contractor for your retaining walls and pillars

As you embark upon the quest to re-invent your yard with retaining walls and pillars, be sure to choose an experienced and professional landscape designer and contractor. This person should be able to actualize your vision, guide your choices and overcome potential challenges involved in the project. For achieving the best results from our products, consider an Authorized Unilock Contractor for making your backyard vision a reality.

The title image features a retaining wall and pillars built from Unilock RomanPisa.

Creating Eye-Catching Pillars for your Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Toledo OH Retaining Walls

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