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Creating Comfy Permanent Seating for your Fire Pit Area in Cincinnati

A fire pit can make an excellent centerpiece for your Cincinnati, OH, backyard. A great design can further enhance the visual effect and functionality of the seating. Following these ideas will ensure your seating complements your fire pit and provides optimal comfort and usability.


Seating walls allow you to match the material and color of your seating with your fireplace or fire pit in an aesthetically pleasing manner. The Unilock product line contains some excellent combinations of firepits and seating walls offered in complementary colors and materials. The Sunset Firepit Kit, for example, is constructed using our proprietary Brussels Dimensional Stone and can be accompanied by a seating wall of the same material in your choice of five available colors. Moreover, matching coping can be used to create an attractive and comfortable finish. Brussels Fullnose Coping, for example provides a fine-grained surface and rounded edge, ideal for enhancing the design and providing a comfortable place to sit.

Adding rounded coping

Always consider adding rounded coping to the top of the seating wall or bench. Our Brussels Fullnose Coping comes with a smoothly rounded edge in five different colors to complement your designs. The rounded edge ensures that the surface remains comfortable on the back of the knees and won’t snag on clothing. Ledgestone Coping is another ideal option with pitched edges exhibiting the look of hand carved stone.

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Choosing the dimensions

Choosing the correct dimensions is essential with permanent seating. The dimensions chosen should be in line with safe and comfortable ergonomics while taking the height of your fire pit into account. Ideally, a professional should be consulted to ensure that the height of the seating wall or bench, as well as the distance from the fire pit, is optimal. The seat itself should be a standard 18 inches to provide a comfortable perch. Adding a backing is preferable as it can provide back support, especially during long durations of sitting.
It is also important to match the style of fire pit with your design of seating. A round fire pit, for example, can be enclosed by semi-circular seating while a square fire pit can be surrounded by straight seating walls or benches to allow guests equal enjoyment of the warmth from the fire. Remember to allow room for additional seating if necessary, as well to provide access to the fire pit and bench.

Adding accessories

Consider adding accessories like cushions to provide some support and comfort for your guests when gathered around your fire pit. You can also consider adding side tables at the ends of the seating wall or incorporate pillars with flat tops to place drinks or a plate of snacks. As an example, consider our Rivercrest Firepit Kit which can be paired with Rivercrest Wall with Ledgestone Coping. Rivercrest Wall offers the advantages of a Rapid Pillar System for easy construction of pillars to end off your seating design. Adding a horizontal surface at the top of the back of the bench can also serve the same purpose and can be used as a bar or for serving food.

The title image features an Umbriano paver patio and Rivercrest Wall fire pit and seat wall, topped with Brussels Fullnose Coping.

Creating Comfy Permanent Seating for your Fire Pit Area in Cincinnati OH

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