Create a Traditional Look with Town Hall Walkway Pavers in Hurley, NY | Unilock

Create a Traditional Look with Town Hall Walkway Pavers in Hurley, NY

Create a Traditional Look with Town Hall Walkway Pavers in Hurley, NY


Town Hall pavers from Unilock offer the antique aesthetic of street brick pavers, coupled with cutting-edge paver manufacturing technologies from Unilock. If you love the classic look of brick, you can create a traditional look with Town Hall walkway pavers in Hurley, NY.

The Traditional Look with Cutting-Edge Technology

Town Hall pavers are beautiful, and loaded with charm and character. They are equally at home in ultramodern, suburban, urban, or rural settings, and different laying patterns give you plenty of options for creating a unique look. Town Hall pavers are ultra-durable, offering both long-lasting colors and incredible strength. EnduraColor Facemix Technology ensures long-lasting color that penetrates the paver, while Reala Surface Technology is used to give these pavers an ultra-realistic texture with molds created from hundreds of actual antique street bricks. Ultima Concrete Technology gives Town Hall pavers superior strength – up to 4x greater than poured concrete. These technologies combine to ensure that Town Hall holds up unscathed against Hurley, NY’s freeze-thaw cycles, while maintaining rich, authentic color as well. These advantages make Town Hall the perfect choice for your walkways, patio, and driveway if you love the classic brick aesthetic.


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Laying patterns

Town Hall pavers by Unilock are slightly larger format than traditional bricks, which creates a more substantial feel for your walkway or patio. The classic herringbone pattern and the running bond laying pattern are among the most popular laying patterns for brick-style pavers and can be seen in old European streets and courtyards. Both herringbone and running bond are perfect for walkways that meander through the landscape. The basketweave pattern is somewhat less common but works very well adjacent to large homes. The basketweave pattern gives a heftier feel and makes spaces feel more anchored. Borders are just as important as the field. You can complement the look of Town Hall bricks by using a different color, such as the Basalt color option to complement the warmer, traditional color options.


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While classic brick-red is the standard for creating a traditional look, and is offered by Town Hall in the Burgundy Red color option, there are a few more options that will give you the look you want. Town Hall pavers come in a number of different colors including several blended colors which make it easy to complement your home, even if its existing brick facing is difficult to match. In addition to the classic Burgundy Red, Town Hall is available in the warm colors of Burnt Clay and Old Oak. These colors can be mixed to form a three color blend, and create a high degree of visual depth when used in combination. Town Hall’s Basalt color option is an ideal border paver, but can also be used to create bold and impressive walkways, driveways and patios with the look of timeworn cobblestone streets. For a balance between the handsome and visually powerful Basalt color option and the warmer, traditional colors, opt for a selection from Town Hall’s Heritage color range. This includes Heritage Red and Heritage Clay. These two blended color options can be combined to form the Heritage Blend for greater variation and visual interest.


The title image features a Town Hall front walkway.


Create a Traditional Look with Town Hall Walkway Pavers in Hurley, NY


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