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Create a Stunning Multi-Level Patio with These Products in Stamford, CT

Create a Stunning Multi-Level Patio with These Products in Stamford, CT


Multi-level patios have the advantage of being able to span across a sloping landscape. They’re also visually interesting, with each outdoor room being distinct from the next, separated by a drop. This style of hardscape can help to avoid monotony when hardscaping large areas and provide many interesting spaces in which different groups of guests may gather. Here we’ll take a look at some excellent materials to consider for constructing a multi-level patio in Stamford, CT.

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Brussels Dimensional System Verticals

To construct and separate multiple levels, a reliable vertical unit is the first priority. The Brussels Dimensional System is a Unilock classic with a long and spotless track record. This product features multiple tapered units that allow for the easy construction of curved and circular vertical elements. As well as being ideal for creating the vertical drop between sections of a multi-level patio, the Brussels Dimensional System is an excellent wall unit for the construction of fire pits, low walls, seating walls, outdoor fireplaces and pillars. Another distinguishing feature of the Brussels Dimensional System is its broad color range, which includes the shades of Coffee Creek, Sandstone, Limestone, New York Blend, Sierra and Almond Grove.


Brussels Block Flooring

Matching the Brussels Dimensional System in terms of both reliability and aesthetic, is Brussels Block. Brussels Block is a paver which allows contractors to construct timeless patios with an ageless, relaxed character. The tumbled finish of Brussels Block is ideal for creating an understated yet elegant aesthetic. The colors of Brussels Block reflect those of the Brussels Dimensional System, allowing for perfect cohesiveness throughout a multi-level hardscape.

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Ledgestone Coping

As a finish for the multiple vertical elements which will inevitably feature in a multi-level area, an attractive coping will be necessary. Unilock Ledgestone Coping is our universal coping system, featuring large, reliable units with pitched and fullnose edges. The ultra-realistic ledge rock texture of Ledgestone is created by casting it from molds take of actual stone pieces, while its strength is owed to superior concrete manufacturing methods. Ledgestone Coping is also available in Pillar Cap units for the easy completion of pillars.


Il Campo and Series Accents or Inlays

With its vibrant colors and outstanding brushed surface texture, Il Campo pavers make excellent candidates for accents and borders. The Heritage Brown color option, for example, provides powerful visual impact against a backdrop of the more subtle colors of Brussels Block, making these two pavers highly compatible. Series pavers are equally compatible with both Brussels Block and Il Campo, meaning the three can be combined to form inlays, double (or triple) borders, and generally complement one another. Series pavers are distinct in that they feature the stunning look and feel of granite, owing to the granite and quartz particles infused into their surface with EnduraColor Plus Architectural Finishes. This Unilock proprietary technology uses some of the highest performing aggregates to ensure that the paver won’t fade or wear. This is ideal for creating custom inlays and accents that will remain vibrant and distinct for many, many years to come.

The title image features a multi-level patio consisting of Brussels Block flooring, Brussels Dimensional System verticals, Ledgestone Pillar Cap units, and an Il Campo and Series inlay.

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