Create a Modern Look with Moda Outdoor Fireplace in Spring Lake Heights, NJ | Unilock

Create a Modern Look with Moda Outdoor Fireplace in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Create a Modern Look with Moda Outdoor Fireplace in Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Adding a fireplace to your Spring Lake Heights, NJ, home introduces an air of warmth and comfort. With Unilock pre-built fireplaces, this is easier than ever before. Unilock has fireplaces to match any style, including the crisp, sleek look associated with a modern design theme. The Moda Outdoor Fireplace is ideal for adding an updated look to your outdoor living area.

The Moda Fireplace

The Moda Fireplace is made of Lineo Dimensional Stone with Series accents. With its dark granite-like surface, Series complements the palette of natural grays to match any design. Unilock proprietary technology ensures that the surface retains its natural finish and is resistant to fading. The dimensional accuracy of each unit, combined with the pre-built design ensures that you get a consistent product with crisp edges. This is perfect for any contemporary design where a clean look is needed. The sophisticated look of Lineo Dimensional Stone can be extended throughout your hardscape by using it to construct low walls and other vertical features. Alternatively, contrast the smooth look of your Moda Fireplace with the rich, stacked flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall.


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Planning Your Design

Where you put your fireplace can dictate the style of your design. If you have a ton of space, the Moda Fireplace can be used as an outdoor room divider to separate different parts of your hardscape. If this is your goal, a Unilock Authorized Contractor can plan a hardscape for you that allows for a separate seating or lounging area in front of your fireplace. A large hardscape allows your fireplace to be the focal point of a particular section. The fireplace area can be set up off a main walkway or at the end of the path. This allows guests to stroll through your yard, experiencing the various attractions of your outdoor living area. For smaller yards, the fireplace can be incorporated into the outer perimeter of your patio. Consider arranging your dining furniture in that area for dinner in front of a warm fire. You can also incorporate seating walls around the fireplace itself for some casual seating for mixers or informal parties.


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Coordinating Styles

Flooring choices can enhance and complement the look of your Moda Fireplace as well. For a cohesive style, choose pavers that match the contemporary look of the Lineo Dimensional Stone. Anything in the family of greys or neutral colors will set a modern tone that perfectly matches the Moda. Richcliff in Smoke Shale, for example, provides a gorgeous patio floor that accents the smooth look of the Series accents in the Moda Fireplace. A laying pattern that uses multiple sizes of paver can offer a nice contrast with the ordered look of Lineo Dimensional Stone. To tie in something more similar, consider Series or Umbriano pavers as your flooring option. Both of these pavers are high performance options that incorporate granite and quartz aggregates to provide a smooth, consistent surface with the natural sparkle of granite. They’re available in different sizes, which means you can choose from simple or more complex laying patterns to add visual interest to your design.
Once your fireplace is installed, finish your modern fireplace area with the seating of your choice. Accessorize with brightly colored cushions and beautiful potted plants and flowers. Add a firewood rack to hold split logs for a rustic effect. Check out our Product Catalog for more modern design ideas using the Moda Fireplace.

The title image features a Richcliff patio with pre-built Moda Fireplace and Rivercrest Wall seating walls.

Create a Modern Look with Moda Outdoor Fireplace in Spring Lake Heights, NJ


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