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Create a Lounge-Like Seating Area to Your Pool Deck in Toronto, ON

Create a Lounge-Like Seating Area to Your Pool Deck in Toronto, ON


Your pool is the ultimate home destination for relaxing and lounging in the beautiful outdoors in Toronto, ON. When having friends and family over, or entertaining larger crowds, it’s necessary to have enough seating to accommodate everyone. Here are some great ways to create seating for poolside lounging!


Natural Stone Coping

Using natural stone as an accent to your pool is a great way to incorporate natural elements into your design. Using fullnose Sandstone coping on the edge of your pool deck creates limitless seating for your guests as they relax and enjoy the water. Accent your design with an interesting border adjacent to the coping, such as Town Hall in deep gray Basalt. Another great natural stone option is Limestone Fullnose Coping, available in Black River. Limestone is a fabulous choice for a pool deck and lounge seating as it’s one of nature’s strongest materials and lends a natural look to your backyard.


Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger

The Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger are among the most versatile options for creating seating at or near your pool’s edge. This option comes in a wide variety of creative and unique colors to provide a custom look for whatever style you want for your pool deck, whether you’re looking for a rich earthy brown that will add a warm touch, or a deep chocolate color to give your pool deck an exotic look. Choose between the antiqued finish for a rustic look or the classic finish for a more refined surface. This edger matches the Brussels Block paver and Brussels Dimensional Stone wall units for your pool deck or permanent seating – a timeless style that will match any outdoor area.

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Extra Seating

For extra seating that is alway at hand, you can incorporate seating walls around your pool deck to add some poolside lounging areas for guests that want to be a little further away from the water or want to stay dry. Apart from the general design, you can customize the look of your walls by selecting the size, shape, and color of the wall unit. Choosing Brussels Dimensional Stone for your walls is a great way to keep the style of the Brussels product consistent in your design, from the coping, to the pool deck, and the walls. Using different colors to create accents along the edges of the pool deck and on seating walls creates visual interest in your design. Alternatively, pair this wall stone with the flagstone textures of Beacon Hill Flagstone and complement it with Ledgestone coping or pillar caps. For a more modern design for your seating walls, consider Lineo Dimensional Stone, with its smooth finish and consistently clean cut. The contemporary color selection includes Midnight Charcoal, Sierra, Granite Blend, or Sandstone—plenty of options for whatever look you’re going for.

Now that you’ve explored some options, visit the Outdoor Idea Center or contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor to get started on your project!

The title image features a Beacon Hill Flagstone pool deck with Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals, Brussels Fullnose Coping and Ledgestone Pillar Caps.


Create a Lounge-Like Seating Area to Your Pool Deck in Toronto, ON


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