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Coping Units to Match your Fire Pit in Buffalo, NY

Coping Units to Match your Fire Pit in Buffalo, NY


A finishing touch like coping can define the look of your Buffalo, NY patio, and help to add vibrant textures, modern elegance, or just plain comfort to a fire pit seating area. Color coordinate your patio pavers with your fire pit and fire pit coping for a simple yet effective look, or go bold with contrasts. Coping also adds a protective surface to vertical features which goes beyond the importance of style and aesthetics. Here are some Unilock coping options that you can match to your fire pit in Buffalo, NY:


Ledgestone Coping

Inspire relaxation in your backyard with the subtle ledge rock appeal of Ledgestone Coping. Create harmony between the elements of your fire pit seating area by adding a natural touch with the Buff color option. The neutral Grey shade can be used to give the backyard a certain openness and elegance. This remarkable piece of coping will take your fire pit design from ordinary to a statement piece. Ledgestone coping is made using the Reala Surface Technology. Reala is a manufacturing technology that creates ultra-realistic textures molded from actual natural stone.


Brussels Fullnose Coping

For characterful, tumbled textures and shades that can be used to add pops of contrast to your patio, check out Brussels Fullnose. Brussels Fullnose and Fullnose Edger enchant with their weathered beauty. This coping option presents lovely round edges that will help to enhance comfort. Choose the Limestone shade for elegance, the Sierra shade for visual warmth, or include the Midnight Charcoal shade in your fire pit and fire pit seating design for adding contrasting accents.

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U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System Universal Coping

A new addition to the range of excellent products by Unilock, the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System is a wall system that can be used to create a variety of different design styles with the help of its interchangeable Fascia Panels. Combined with the Sure Track backer blocks, these components can be used to craft dimensionally accurate structures, including fire pits, steps, pillars and seating walls, that offer an aesthetically pleasing, modern appeal. In addition, the U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System comes with a Universal Coping unit that is ideal, not only for protecting your fire pit, but for adding a refined finish to the structure. The U-Cara Multi-Face Wall System Universal Coping Unit it also smooth with fine edges to ensure a comfortable seating surface for permanent seating around your fire pit and throughout your patio.


Estate Wall Coping

The rustic appeal of Estate Wall coping will give a stunning antique finish to a fire pit design. Available in a variety of colors, including the warm, earthy browns of Walnut, Sierra, and River, Estate Wall coping feels aged but not outdated. Because of its natural ledge rock look, this coping option creates the impression of ageless style and an can contribute to an authentic campfire atmosphere. Use Estate Wall and Estate Wall coping for your fire pit, steps and low walls to bring the regal elegance of natural ledge rock to your patio design.



Coping Units to Match your Fire Pit in Buffalo, NY

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