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Why You Should Consider Including a Retaining Wall System in Your Cincinnati & Dayton OH Landscape

It’s not unusual for Cincinnati and Dayton OH homeowners to be quite competitive when it comes to their landscape. And while a great looking yard is something to be proud of, function should not be overlooked. If there’s one hardscape element that embodies both function and aesthetic, it’s a retaining wall. Retaining walls are visually appealing and serve as protection against soil erosion while contributing to effective drainage and an interesting, layered landscape. Here’s why you should definitely consider including a Unilock retaining wall system in your backyard.

Unique Role of Protection and Functionality

The primary practical use of retaining walls is their power to hold back unstable soil and sloping ground. For homeowners that live in an area with an uneven, sloping topography, retaining walls prevent the ground from washing away while at the same time creating additional space previously taken up by hilly terrain. Retaining walls are also effective in protecting your property against mudslides and storm water damage. If your wall is built from high-quality, durable materials such as those offered by Unilock, you’ve made a smart investment decision that will continue to protect your landscape throughout the years.

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Powerful Structure

There is no other hardscape feature that can add structure to your landscape like the multiple levels of a tiered retaining wall system. Consider using SienaStone for any type of wall design, especially if the aim is to create structural slope retention and multiple layers. While being perfect for heavy-duty requirements, its natural and classic appearance lends an exceptional character to any property.

The Beauty of Architecture

Depending on the choice of textures, colors and style, retaining walls can be used to complement, enhance or contrast the architecture of your home, creating a unified design that includes every element of the property. Retaining walls create a vertical dimension to your outdoor living area, providing the perfect opportunity to showcase the rich color and textures of high quality products. Unleash your creativity with Brussels Dimensional Stone and define your outdoor space’s distinguished style.
A simple way of intensifying the beauty of your landscape is by matching the color and texture of your retaining walls to that of your pavers. Try the combination of Richcliff pavers with their embossed flagstone surface and the stacked flagstone look of Rivercrest Wall, for example. For definite contrast, try the Basalt color variation of Courstone pavers with the gentle Sandstone variation of Brussels Dimensional Stone.

Increases Home Value

When built correctly by a knowledgeable professional, retaining walls will increase and protect the value of your property by making the contributions outlined above. From functional value to the creation of additional space, retaining walls are an investment worth making in preparing your home for sale or personalizing it for your long-term enjoyment. For best results and to maximize the longevity of your retaining wall systems, opt for a Unilock Authorized Contractor who will be able to guide, design and install the retaining walls right for your home and tastes.

The title image features a retaining wall built from Rivercrest Wall in Coastal Slate topped with Ledgestone coping.

Why You Should Consider Including a Retaining Wall System in Your Cincinnati & Dayton OH Landscape


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