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Concrete Products to Include in Ottawa Outdoor Kitchens for a Flawless Design and Finished Look

Outdoor kitchens are a hugely popular trend and with good reason. Having a space outdoors that allows you to prepare and serve food for family or guests is a powerful way to get the full enjoyment and use out of your outdoor areas. However, the design of this area should be considered thoughtfully with function and existing architectural tone of the home in mind. When choosing materials to construct an outdoor kitchen, horizontal and vertical units form the basis of the design. That’s why Unilock offers a wide range of concrete products suited to this purpose, that will stand the test of time while maintaining the style and increasing the value of your property.

The title image features a grill counter built from Brussels Dimensional Stone, complemented by a walkway paved with Artline and a Basalt Copthorne border.



Pavers serve as the “flooring” for your outdoor kitchen space, serving as the foundation of the design. While vertical elements like an island, grill, or fire pit might be the focal point of the “room”, pavers set the tone. These should be selected to complement the area without overwhelming the space. From modern to traditional, Unilock offers options to meet every need.


Simplicity speaks volumes. For those with a modern home or an appreciation for minimalist design, Unilock Artline pavers will meet your flooring needs. Artline offers long, clean lines and are available in three subtle colors including Alpine Fusion, Granite Fusion, and Sierra Fusion. Perhaps most importantly, these pavers are also stain and fade resistant. This is particularly important when food and entertaining will be the focus of the space.

Beacon Hill Flagstone

A more flexible option, architecturally speaking, is Beacon Hill Flagstone. With a realistic flagstone texture and natural coloring, this high-quality option is aesthetically appropriate for traditional as well as contemporary designs. For a relaxed, less formal outdoor kitchen, choose from Alpine Grey, Bavarian Blend, and Sycamore Shades to create an elegant outdoor kitchen experience.

Beacon Hill Smooth

Similar to Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers but with cleaner lines and a smoother surface, Beacon Hill Smooth appeals to the property owner who gravitates toward modern architecture while appreciating the high quality of flagstone. The vast variety of available colors, including, but not limited to Almond Grove Fusion, Desert Sand Fusion, Granite Fusion and Oak Brown Fusion, make for an array of bold or subtle design statements. This option incorporates quality and individuality for a unique outdoor kitchen plan.

Vertical Building Units

As you incorporate vertical elements, including an island, fire pit, or cooking area, to your planned outdoor kitchen, the units for construction should reflect a similar tone and complementary shading as your paving units. The following options provide just such compatibility.

Architextures Wall

For a modern design, Architextures Wall offers clean lines and a smooth surface or textured surface depending on your tastes. With many colors available, you and your landscape professional will find it easy to create a plan that matches your chosen design style and existing architecture.

Brussels Dimensional Stone

Traditional homeowners might prefer a warm, country-esque feel. This tone is easily accomplished with Brussels Dimensional Stone. The combination of relaxed mood and high durability will make it clear that you view your outdoor kitchen space as a place for use and down to earth outdoor living even while projecting an elegant appearance.
Concrete Products to Include in Ottawa, ON Outdoor Kitchens for a Flawless Design and Finished Look

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