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Concrete Pavers for Warm and Welcoming Outdoor Kitchens, Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana

When imagining your dream landscape, does it include an outdoor kitchen? If not, why not? Consider the enhancement to your fun with family and friends, not to mention the increase of your Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana property’s value, that a well-thought-out and high quality outdoor kitchen can make. While creating your master design plan, don’t overlook the significance of the concrete pavers used as “flooring.” Your choice should reflect your tastes, the architecture and aesthetic of your entire property, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, which is why these pavers are ideal:

Avante Ashlar

For a durable, quality outdoor kitchen space, Avante Ashlar from Unilock offers wear-resistance and natural beauty in one. The shades offered include Almond Grove and Shadow Creek, each with a randomized natural stone texture. The varied sizes can be used in a variety of laying pattern to achieve a patio with a lively surface. To both incorporate your outdoor kitchen and set it apart as a separate space, choose this paver for all relevant landscaping projects, such as patios, driveways, walkways, pool decking, and your outdoor kitchen, and consider opting for different tones of jointing compound, in either black, tan, or grey, to identify the separate areas while maintaining consistency of style. You’ll be surprised by the visual difference made by such a small detail.

Brussels Block

Another impressive option for your outdoor kitchen from Unilock, Brussels Block is both warm and timeless. Brussels Block comes in five different color options, so you can create an outdoor kitchen “floor” that ranges from a monochromatic display of strength to a complex pattern that draws the eye and pulls in your guests. Resembling cobblestone, these concrete pavers will work well for homeowners with an eye for the antique and traditional.

Olde Greenwich Cobble

While also suitable for those with more traditional aesthetic preferences, Olde Greenwich Cobble concrete pavers from Unilock are not limited to an antique appearance. These stones are flexible in their pattern and design use because of their rounded edges and symmetrical shape. Whether your outdoor kitchen is modern, traditional or formal, this option will imbue your landscape plans with sophistication and warmth. The colors available include Autumn Red, River Blend, and Sierra, all warm, welcoming tones.

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Beacon Hill Flagstone

For a softer, more subtle appearance for your outdoor kitchen, Beacon Hill Flagstone provides a relaxed, clean set of pavers for your plans. Available in Alpine Grey, Bavarian Blend and Sycamore shades, these concrete pavers fit naturally within any outdoor kitchen and is widely appropriate for all architectural and aesthetic traditions.

Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley from Unilock combines the crisp, clean lines of the modern aesthetic with the rich textures and warm coloring of natural stone, providing a modern and elegant look that retains a sense of comfort. Choosing a complementary color is made easy by the range color options: Bavarian Blend, Steel Mountain, and Copper Ridge. Pair Bristol Valley pavers with Rivercrest Wall or Brussels Dimensional Stone verticals for a seamless, characterful space.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen paved with Olde Greenwich Cobble with vertical elements built from Brussels Dimensional Stone.

Concrete Pavers for Warm and Welcoming Outdoor Kitchens, Indianapolis & Northwest Indiana

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