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Concrete pavers with Natural Stone textures perfect for Connecticut landscapes

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Often when planning outdoor spaces and landscapes here in the Northeast, the concern of materials holding up to the harsh weather conditions, regional climates, and the irreversible effects of time come into play. Because of the freeze/thaw climate in Stamford, Fairfield, New Haven, and Greenwich, CT, it’s critical to choose a hardscaping product that will stand the test of time. Connecticut properties lend themselves very well to natural stone textures and colors, but many homeowners are eager to take advantage of the many benefits that concrete pavers offer. Concrete pavers with natural stone textures are a wonderful alternative to traditional natural stone and are perfect for Connecticut landscapes.

Optimal Design Flexibility

Concrete pavers are highly regarded for their ability to capture the textures and colors of materials such as brick, stone, and wood. When it comes to natural stone textures, these paver types are number one. Select Tribeca Cobble for a fresh take on an antique look, instantly transporting your home’s visitors back to the ageless European cities of centuries ago. If you envision a clean, modern feel, Unilock’s Beacon Hill Flagstone is perfect for your Connecticut landscape, offering a rich, yet natural ambiance to a patio or outdoor living room. Whether your overarching vision involves a contemporary or country design, concrete pavers have you covered.

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Consistent Packaging and Sourcing

Many homeowners are attracted to the consistencies made possible by the manufacturing process of concrete pavers. Neatly bundled into pallets with each pallet consistent in terms of colors, shapes, and sizes, means increased ease during installation. Not only does this result in a less expensive project overall, but also offers piece of mind for Connecticut homeowners. While many traditional concrete pavers may not be a great style fit for homes in the Greenwich area, there are many options in the Unilock product line that rival the textures found in natural stone. If you’re still only interested in using natural stone, learn more about home Unilock is changing the industry here.

Lifetime Guarantee

A major reason Connecticut homeowners are attracted to concrete pavers for their patios, walkways, and pool decks is the lifetime guarantee that Unilock offers. While Unilock is the only paver manufacturer to offer lifetime guarantee on natural stone products as well, most natural stone sources will come with no warranty at all. Because complete landscape installations are a major investment, protecting that investment with a warranty is a major plus offered by concrete pavers. Now with the naturalistic textures offered by Unilock’s exclusive Reala™ Surface Design, concrete pavers like Richcliff, Courtstone, and Beacon Hill Flagstone are great alternatives to Natural Stone.
Employ natural stone textured concrete pavers for your next landscaping project for guaranteed refinement and longevity. With its numerous advantages over other materials, pavers are a perfect choice for your Connecticut home.
concrete pavers in CT | Stamford, Fairfield, New Haven, Greenwich CT

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