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Concrete Pavers that Bring a Natural Touch To Your Toronto Patio

Concrete Pavers for Toronto, Ontario Patios
Unilocks Reala™ Technology is perfect for those that are looking to create a more natural look when using pavers for your patio. Reala™ technology creates ultra-realistic textures by casting natural stone, brick and historic cobblestone.
Richcliff® is a modern and elegant choice in paver for those that are looking for a more natural-looking stone. The pavers feature a realistic embossed surface texture, which has been cast from hundreds of natural stone surface textures, allowing for the paver to have a unique natural appearance. The Richcliff® is a perfect paver for all Toronto patios as it is up to four times stronger than ordinary poured concrete, resulting in a much longer life through all the seasons.
Richcliff® XL is similar to the Richcliff, providing the modern and elegant look but is an extra-large slab coming in sizes 12”x36”x2.75, 18”x36”x2.75” and 18”x26”x4. Both the Richcliff® and Richcliff® XL do also have EnduraColor Facemix Technology which means that the stones are also manufactured in a two-step process which combines a base of very coarse aggregates, creating a stronger foundation of the paver, a concentrated color and wear-resistant aggregate is used on top, providing a highly resistant to fading paver.
Courtstone® pavers are perfect for those that are looking to create a Toronto patio with a more old-world European look. These pavers have amazing strength and a very realistic texture that can easily be mistaken for cobblestone. The pavers come in five different sizes, ranging from small squares that are 5¼” x 5¼” to extra large stones that are 5¼” x 8½”.
Town Hall™ is a beautiful paver that is cast from original brick street pavers and feature a distressed, time-worn appearance. The Town Hall™ pavers have been designed to be installed in both traditional and permeable methods. These pavers come in a variety of colors, ranging from very traditional and new-looking brick pavers to multi-colored very distressed, allowing these pavers to be used for a variety of different looks.
Copthorne® is the perfect choice in paver for those that are looking for old world charm on their Toronto patio. Copthorne® is reminiscent of the bricks that can be found in many old cities, town and villages throughout Europe, yet it has been updated with Unilocks Ultima™ Concrete Technology, creating a virtually indestructible paver that will not fade, crack or split. This same technology also allows for each paver to be crafted using a special process, the dimensions of each paver is consistent, allowing for easy and efficient installation, but it also gives each paver a unique look.
For those that are looking to add a retaining wall or pillar to your patio design, the Rivercrest® wall is a very naturalistic option. The wallstone is a very natural, yet elegant choice, with the durability only Unilock can provide. The Rivercrest Wall is available in two colors, Buff and Coastal Slate and Unilock has kits available to help create the perfect pillar or fire pit for your backyard patio.
Unilock has a great selection for those that are looking to create a patio that appears to be natural stone, without the unpredictability of real natural stones, in sizes, shapes, thickness and colors. If you are looking at creating a stone patio, be sure to check out the Outdoor Idea Center, located in the Greater Toronto Area.
Concrete Pavers for Patio for Toronto, Ontario

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