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Top Concrete Pavers for Patios in Westchester, NY, Peekskill, NY, and Rye Brook, NY

Westchester, NY, Peekskill, NY, Bedford, NY, Rye, NY Concrete Pavers
If you’re looking for quality paving for your patio and you’re in or around the Westchester, Peekskill, NY or Rye Brook, NY area, look no further. These specially selected pavers are the perfect surfacing for your hardscaping and come with the Unilock quality guarantee.

Umbriano Paver

Modelled from the mottled surface of granite and molded with real granite particles for authenticity and hardness, Unilock’s Umbriano is a versatile paver that is perfect for patios where variation and richness of texture is desired. The speckled, rugged grain of Umbriano is a pleasure on the eyes and to the touch, and with five colors to choose from – ranging from a warm Autumn Sunset to a sleek Midnight Sky – this paver goes with almost any style and color scheme.

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Artline Paver

This is a sleek, clean design, perfect for modern and contemporary homes, but remains a good choice to complement more traditional architecture. Artline places emphasis on horizontal lines that can be used to accentuate the dimensions of your patio or be placed at diagonal angles for visual effect. Artline also uses the look and feel of natural granite to produce a strong, dependable paver with an attractive, large-grained texture.

Bristol Valley Paver

Taking the texture and color of natural flagstone to a new level, Bristol Valley’s rich, earthy appearance is ideal for rustic color schemes, while the cut and non-beveled edge make it equally well suited to modern and contemporary designs. Like natural flagstone, Bristol Valley’s Bavarian variation features rich contrasts of color within a single slab, with the Sierra variant featuring warm, subtle gradations. For sophisticated charcoal shades, pick the New York Blend.

Thornbury Paver

With Thornbury pavers, you can achieve the random, natural look and feel of real stone. Thornbury is perfect for creating a welcoming patio with all the charm and character of quarried rock and the added bonus of durability that will last a lifetime. Thornbury’s range of seven colors allows for a medley of effects, from the deep, earthy browns of Sierra to the subtle variations of Almond Grove.
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Series 3000 Paver

Another coarse grained paver with flecks of quartz and granite, Series 3000 features bold color variations that can be used in conjunction with one another to create geometric designs and interesting accents, or be used separately for a more uniform surface. Colors include Black Granite, Crystalline Basalt, Mocha Brown and Peppered Granite for a multitude of patio designs and styles. Series 3000 also features a considerable variation of sizes for creating interesting laying patterns and intricate custom borders and designs.

Richcliff Paver

Patios featuring Richcliff pavers are invariably elegant and subtle. The gentle colors and smooth flagstone textured surface make Richcliff a favorite for design styles with a feminine touch like Shabby Chic and French design. The soft blushes of Pebble Taupe and the cooler shades of the Dawn Mist color variation are perfect complements to face brick homes and go well with darker colors as well. Despite their feminine appeal, Richcliff pavers are tough and durable. Richcliff can even be used in areas of heavy traffic and will maintain their beauty for a lifetime.
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