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Concrete Pavers in Brick, NJ That Use Innovative Technologies

Concrete Pavers in Brick, NJ That Use Innovative Technologies

Unilock concrete pavers are an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated alternative to poured concrete and wooden decks, and offer cutting-edge advantages over other concrete pavers too. Unilock concrete pavers offer improved design, greater stability, ease of installation (due to dimensional consistency) and a huge selection of options to complement any architectural style, all due to a range of innovative technologies developed by Unilock. Here’s what you need to know about Unilock concrete pavers in Brick, NJ and the innovative technologies that they offer:


Extreme Strength and Durability with Ultima Concrete Technology

Unilock concrete pavers are known for their strength and can withstand the freeze-thaw cycle, making them ideal for outdoor living applications the NJ climate. Pavers equipped with Unilock proprietary Ultima Concrete Technology, such as Copthorne, Courtstone, Richcliff and Town Hall, have up to four times the compressive strength of poured concrete. Unilock concrete pavers do not crack like poured concrete or asphalt, making for a more durable surface with significantly greater longevity. Just how strong are they? Unilock pavers are manufactured using a 700 ton hydraulic press at intense pressures that exceed 2250 PSI, resulting in extremely dense pavers with incredible compressive strength.


Stain Resistance with EasyClean

Other than regular cleaning, Unilock concrete pavers require no special maintenance and stain removal can be achieved with pressure washing or spot treatment. Pavers such as Senzo, Umbriano, Bristol Valley and Westport EasyClean are protected from stains by EasyClean Stain Resistance Technology, meaning that tough spills, such as grease, condiments and juices can be easily cleaned up with little more than a wet wipe and a paper towel.


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Realistic, Long-Lasting Colors and Textures

Unilock pavers come in a huge selection of colors, shapes, textures and sizes, to give you complete freedom of artistic expression. Using Reala Surface Technology, Richcliff pavers are designed to perfectly mimic natural flagstone, while Copthorne and Town Hall pavers are designed to capture the detail of authentic clay street brick pavers. With so many options, Unilock concrete pavers blend beautifully into the landscape and harmonize with any decor, whether you want straight, clean lines or prefer your hardscapes to have curves that blend into the natural lay of the land.

The through-and-through color provided by EnduraColor ensures that Unilock pavers feature color that lasts. Even budget-friendly Unilock Classic pavers exceed ASTM standards for strength and quality. These products use a consistent mix of aggregates mixed with color throughout the paver, which contributes to its durability and appearance.

Unilock EnduraColor pavers feature a base of coarse aggregates toward the bottom of the paver for strength, and finer wear-resistant aggregates on top for a more refined surface. Color is mixed throughout. This approach makes for a superior product that holds its color and is more resistant to damage and wear.


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General Design

The inherent movement cancellation features of Unilock pavers ensures surfaces that are able to withstand vehicle traffic; the surface flexes without cracking, making it a superior choice for heavy traffic areas, such as driveways. Unilock concrete pavers are also manufactured to ensure surfaces that are slip-proof, making them suitable for any outdoor ‘room’, including pool decks. Electric snow-melting systems work exceptionally well under Unilock concrete pavers, and surfaces can be used immediately upon installation.


The title image features a Bristol Valley patio.


 Concrete Pavers in Brick, NJ That Use Innovative Technologies



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