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Concrete Pavers for Easy-to-Clean Outdoor Kitchens in Cleveland

Outdoor cooking and eating can get messy. That’s not a bad thing – it’s half the fun of outdoor living. What can be less exciting, however is the cleaning. That’s why Unilock has developed its proprietary EasyClean Stain Resistance technology – to ensure your Cleveland, OH, home’s pavers don’t stain and clean ups are a breeze. With these pavers featuring this patented technology, you can relax and enjoy the outdoors without worry.


The sleek, plank-like pavers of Artline create a modern and elegant feel for your outdoor living space. This paver is ideal for homeowners with a flair for contemporary design, and pairs well with modern outdoor cooking equipment, stainless steel, chrome and black fittings and fixtures. Artline is available in three shades, the silver grey of Platinum, the woody warmth of Walnut and the soft brown of Birch. Also on offer are three choices of custom texture finishes. As well as resisting stains and aiding cleanup, Artline pavers are equipped with EnduraColor FaceMix Technology, ensuring that the subtle color won’t fade over time.


Umbriano pavers are designed to replicate the look and feel of natural granite. The surface of this high performance paver is created using ColorFusion Technology, incorporating a random dispersion of granite particles that ensure a completely authentic look and the varied, mottled surface of actual granite. Umbriano pavers offer a wide range of color options to match a spectrum of different styles and tastes, all well suited for creating highly sophisticated outdoor kitchens. These colors include Autumn Sunset, Midnight Sky, Summer Wheat and Winter Marvel, providing the coloring of orange, black, pale gold and white granite respectively. The zero bevel of this paver makes it ideal for sleek contemporary outdoor kitchens, but its warmth and character is equally suited to a relaxed, summery theme.

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Another paver possessing sleek, modern elegance and durability to match, Senzo creates a strong foundation for outdoor living areas. These large format pavers are ideal for creating a sense of spaciousness. These are available in large, 16×16 inch squares, 8×16 inch rectangles and smaller 8×8 squares, allowing for a range of laying patterns from simple to more complex. Although smooth in appearance, Senzo presents a non-slip surface while remaining easy to clean and resisting stains.

Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley is an excellent choice for recreating the warm and rustic look of flagstone for your outdoor kitchen. The richly textured surface and blends of earthy colors make this paver an easy choice for homeowners looking for a relaxed country feel. At the same time, the zero bevel edge and large format makes Bristol Valley appropriate for a textured modern look as well. Despite its deep texture, Bristol Valley is easy to clean and great for messy cookouts and family fun.


An infusion of quartz, granite, and marble, create a fine blasted surface for this paver. The silky surface of this paver can be likened to that of matte honed travertine. Unlike travertine, however, Arcana is resilient to staining, and incredibly durable. The three colors available are Lugano, Modena, and Vivanto, providing a gentle beige, speckled white, and gray interspersed with white and black, respectively.

The title image features a patio paved with Artline, complementing a Lineo Dimensional Stone fire table and grill island.

Concrete Pavers for Easy-to-Clean Outdoor Kitchens in Cleveland OH

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