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Common Design Errors of Outdoor Kitchens and How to Correct Them in London, ON

An outdoor kitchen is a fantastic investment for your home in London, ON. But if you get the planning, design, construction or materials wrong, you could be faced with disastrous dissatisfaction instead of a fun outdoor entertainment space. Give some thought to how you entertain and how you want to use the space. It’s worth seeking input and assistance from an expert in the field to design and construct this new space.
Here are some common design errors that should be avoided and how to correct them for a better outdoor cooking experience.

Factoring Design before Functionality

When an outdoor kitchen is being designed, you will most likely have a long wish list of features and appliances that you want to include as part of your floor plan. However, first consider the practical aspect of designing the outdoor kitchen, including the basics in terms of functionality and features. Favoring functionality and practicality over extraneous accessories will help you to find the correct placement of the essential items. This will allow the rest of the design to fall in place around the fundamental elements and may help to streamline the design.

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Failing to Plan the Infrastructure

A successful outdoor kitchen needs to have certain infrastructure and amenities to perform most effectively. These include gas supply, water, lighting and electricity. The positioning and set-up should be planned with this in mind, failure of which may result in limited functionality and potentially expensive and laborious work to correct. Proper planning and expert advice helps your outdoor kitchen to be set up in the most effective way to access the necessary infrastructure. For best results contact a Unilock Authorized Contractor to help you factor these issues into your initial design.

Not Having Enough Counter Space

Counter space is something easily overlooked – that is until your first cookout! Ample counter space and food preparation surfaces are of utmost importance in outdoor kitchens where you may be handling many dishes at once. If your outdoor kitchen is going to double as an eating space with a bar counter, then you’ll want to ensure there is enough space for you, your family, friends and guests to relax and eat comfortably without feeling squeezed in.

Wrong Materials or Construction

The grill island will most likely be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen, being the place where you will cook and prepare barbecued dishes. To ensure utmost durability and long lasting good looks for your outdoor kitchen, the proper materials and the right construction methods will be needed. Sturdy, non-flammable materials are also essential for preventing even a small oil fire from causing your outdoor kitchen to go up in flames. Ensure your outdoor kitchen is built for safety and performance with the right ventilation, materials, insulation and design. This will ensure you stay safe while using your outdoor kitchen. Unilock wall units are ideal for grill islands and ensure a safe and durable cooking environment.

Incorrect Positioning of Appliances and Features

It is of utmost importance that you plan the positioning of appliances. This can be done by setting up ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ zones in your outdoor kitchen. Though saving on space is a good idea, refrigerators should not be placed underneath or next to your grill or outdoor pizza oven. Without enough ventilation or space between these appliances, your equipment can overheat and need expensive repairs or replacements.

The title image features an outdoor kitchen built using Brussels Dimensional Stone, with a complementary Copthorne paver patio and banding.

Common Design Errors of Outdoor Kitchens and How to Correct Them in London, ON


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