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Why Cincinnati Paving Contractors Love the Unilock DriveGrid

While homeowners may be focused primarily on the look of their new driveway, paving contractors have slightly different considerations to make to ensure their client’s satisfaction with the job. The ultimate goal of a good contractor should be to provide the maximum amount of strength and functionality while also minimizing the costs for the client as much as possible, all while producing an aesthetically pleasing end result. With Unilock DriveGrid, contractors in the Cincinatti, OH, region will be able to lower costs, maximize strength, increase the life of the drive, and still allow room for the homeowners to customize the aesthetic.

Strength, Strength, Strength

It goes without saying that driveways require strength. When vehicles repeatedly maneuver back and forth over the same area, over time, any construction could weaken without proper support. Unilock DriveGrid provides this support in a highly functional and convenient manner. Using triangular reinforcement, this support system is inherently strong with full 360 degree stiffness, preventing movement underneath. Using Unilock DriveGrid as base support ensures that all layers of the driveway construction remain in place over the long haul. Every contractor who values a reputation for quality work takes pride in being able to offer that kind of longevity to customers.

Protection from Rutting

One of the most common problems with driveway constructions is rutting. People are creatures of habit, and this tendency is true of drivers as they enter their properties. The repetitive load repeatedly place on driveways tends to cause ruts over time, requiring repair of every layer of the drive. However, when the base is sturdy and immoveable, this rutting is less likely to occur. In this way, Unilock DriveGrid offers protection from rutting, ensuring that the homeowner remains pleased with the work, improving the contractor’s reputation over the course of time.

Lower Requirement for Base Level

Imagine the cost saving possible when the requirement for base level is lowered by fifty percent. These incredible savings are possible when contractors choose Unilock DriveGrid. Less aggregate materials equates to less time spent on construction, equals further savings. Summing up the costs of materials and labor and then adding that back into profit or savings passed on to homeowners should make every contractor smile. The impact of this support for driveways goes much further than the physical strength and immovability of the construction.

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No Effect on Surface Pavers

Because Unilock DriveGrid is applied beneath the surface levels of the drive, customization by the homeowner remains unaffected. Homeowners can still choose from the many paving options offered by Unilock to complement their home. From shape to color, all design elements can be addressed while retaining the strength offered by this unique and paradigm changing grid support.

Enhance Practicality of Project

The overall practicality of the project is greatly enhanced by the Unilock DriveGrid. The project is completed faster with greater ease and less expense, all while providing greater strength and functionality. Homeowners can look forward to a longer lasting, more stable driveway, while contractors can ensure a better reputation, and growing client list thanks to the Unilock DriveGrid.

The title image features a Unilock Thornbury paver driveway.

Why Cincinnati, OH, Paving Contractors Love the Unilock DriveGrid


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